Advice on prepping M2Z for sale and transferring DJI Care Refresh

Hi guys, I’d like to tap into the knowledge of The Collective about preparing my Mavic 2 Zoom for sale. I’m thinking about things like the batteries, software resets etc:
– do couriers want batteries to be discharged or below a certain level?
– to make things simpler for a buyer, how do I “disconnect” myself from the drone’s software/account?
– how do I transfer the remaining DJI Care Refresh to a new owner?
Anything else I should consider before listing it?
Thanks guys.

This was discussed just 12 days ago @Ed-209 :slight_smile:

Check this one out:


Shout if there’s something not covered in that thread though!

Thanks Rich but nothing in there about batteries or transferring DJI Care Refresh…

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According to the DJI site it’s link to the aircraft


I found the post office won’t take lipo batteries over the counter in a parcel for posting. They are classed as dangerous goods so might be worth enquiring about this with the PO or courier service.

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Brian’s right !, the PO will destroy any batteries that are Lipo !.
My advice is to use a courier (DHL, etc).
They have a different policy about Batteries, and, will transport them usually providing they package is marked as “Lipo Batteries Fragile”.
I would certainly lower the charge in them to 20% ish before packing.

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The Royal Mail won’t take batteries at all.
I’ve used DPD and Hermes in the past when sending batteries of any sort - phones are a good case in point.

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I’ve returned phones for repair by Royal Mail without any problem.

They usually refuse if you own up to sending batteries.

Check this link:

I often don’t mention the fact that there’s a battery in it.



They have no reason to refuse them … per the leaflet you linked to … second column of the lower half …


… the two red ticks indicating that both UK and International postage permitted.

Fair enough, only going on my personal experience with trying to send phones sold online.
Don’t usually bother with RM now as the local office refuses batteries and there’s little point arguing the point with counter staff.
Also, they seem to be more expensive these days and you can send far cheaper elsewhere.
I must say I didn’t carefully read the document so apologise for any confusuon :slight_smile:

I always get asked when posting stuff If it contains batteries.

As long as the package is marked correctly it’s not a problem.

Its more for loose Lipo packs or 18650s.

Even the mavic intelligent batteries should be classed as a device.