Advice please - cost effective computer solution for editing 4k footage

your smaller drive is an M2 not sata

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Download Speccy for free, will give you all the specs you need

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Another good app to check the specs is

stick as much ram as it will take max it out and fit a ssd hard drive you will see a big diffrence . use pc benchmark before and after

What ever you do, do not skimp on the graphics card. I advise to get a high end NVIDEA card. You might have to pay a little more, but you will be thankful that you did it in the long run. The CPU is less important when rendering videos. I have 16g Ram and is more than enough. I use Filmora 11 and my laptop rips through video rendering especially when using the background function as well. Mickey Moo knows best. hehe

I think the C drive being close to full will be slowing that laptop right down. I would have thought swapping it for a bigger drive (512Gb at least) would make a big difference. If you don’t feel confident doing this yourself I would have thought you could pay someone to do it for you.

This is the drive,

and it has corsair memory in(crap photo)

if you can use the davinci resolve proxy generator instead of rendering (takes max 10-15 mins to minimize the files and makes the footage look crap on timeline to a degree but can have smoother playback, and then when you export it will use the actually camera files and not the proxy 1s, i do this and helps massivley :slight_smile:

I have the updated version of that drive but 4TB, and a Lexar 2TB M.2, both really fast

Mainly the SSD i’m wanting to change Mark, i have other HD;s with a total of 6TB.

Thanks for the info i will have a look at the 870, was just wondering if i should/could change it :+1:

Yes easy to change, if the main drive a little harder, but not if you have space for 2, as Samsung do a free transfer program

that photo shows the Model as MZ-76E250, which is a 250gb sata 2.5" drive (standard laptop style {original laptop size})

very easy to swap out.

its probably worth noting that the Samsung drives tend to come out best as far as “fast” for data read and write… but it’s all marginal…

Try Davinci Resolve

Late to the party and lots of good advice above

My take on it is get a bigger OS disc… Super cheap… Don’t know if you have 2.5 or NVME shape but suggest NVME if it fits (SATA and PCIe types so be careful when Ordering). Use Acronis software to clone and sorted.

You always need minimum spare disk as your RAM as swap drive needs space…

i5 with Intel GPU will be limited, but it’s what you’ve got… Try the disk and then consider splashing out

Can’t agree with that about macs. I switched to osx some years ago and have never regretted it for one moment. So fast, easy to use, not full of bloated OS. Reliable, never had a lock up or freeze.
I do have a W10 pc as well for test purposes and I hate it with a vengeance.
The IMac is a recognised industry standard for graphics and film, and music because of its suitability for the task.
I cannot understand why a few hard liners oppose apple, just go and talk with users in the industry, they will soon confirm why they are the best.
Get a second user one from CEX if you don’t like it you return it.

Each to their own, mine has no bloatware as you say because I remove it all, 69% Windows vs 17% MacOS says it all really, but we all don’t just use our computers for Video and Music.

From WiKi

  • For desktop and laptop computers, Microsoft’s Windows is the most used at 69%, followed by Apple’s macOS at 17%, and Google’s ChromeOS at 3.2% (in the US up to 8.0%), and desktop Linux at 2.9%. In addition, 5% is attributed to “unknown” operating systems - which are likely forms of BSD or obscure varieties of Linux.[4]

I would guess that cost has a lot to do with Windows being more popular than Mac OS.

Suzanne you are a highly talented person with a very capable mind. And skilled hands that 2yrs ago hadn’t flown a drone and is now having footage on love your weekend and can make amazing leather work.
Somehow i don’t think you’d have any problems upgrading a PC . If you had 1hr on YouTube you would be building one from scratch.

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Lol, thanks @stevesb for the wake up call, you are probably right, just I occassionally (most of the time) have confidence issues and doubt I can do somethikng… Then I do it and generally find it wasn’t so bad… I should perhaps remember that moving forwards :slight_smile:

Thank you for the confidence boost…