Aerial above High Force


@Wats_0773 Well done I see you got the images you wanted both waterfalls and Raby castle …did it all go well

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It did although it was an early start to avoid harassment! Parked near Bowlees and walked up to bridge and then up pennine way to view point didn’t see a soul!

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Raby castle where did you TOAL

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Parking lay-by down the road followed by a walk up the road to keep VLOS :joy:

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Only took Raby as I was annoyed by their ignorance (no drones period) reply :joy:

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Good for you hope it gave you satisfaction nice image Wats_0773 1 baron Barnard nil

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Nice. Are you familiar with the current RTF Photo Competition?

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Morning bud I am not aware?

Your man is pointing out that you picture is well matched to the subject of the current competition (straight down) so you should enter it. .

Take a look :slight_smile:

Hi bud I understood the competition what I meant was how do I enter? Is it a case of tagging the competition or is there a separate site I need to go to? Apologies if this sounds dumb I’m fairly new to this?



Just post your picture in a reply to that thread, along with the required information (time/place/equipment).

That’s it.

The lovely organisers will create a poll so the community can place their votes once the competition ends.

Winners will receive a warm, fuzzy feeling and bragging rights.

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Cheers bud, I love a good fuzzy feeling :joy:

So that’s you entered for the current competition - good :slight_smile:

You can also vote for the subject of the next competition just be clicking the circle next to your choice = follow the link:

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