After hours office whoopin'

Had a bit of fun testing out @DaveJaVu 's timing gate system* yesterday and generally whooping around our office after everyone had gone home. Much fun. So many interesting little gaps, I’ve seen my office in a whole different llight!

Mostly DVR from flying my Mobula6, but there’s also a bit in there with a Beta65. The Mob6 has a 400mw vtx but I ran 100mw mostly - the flickery picture didn’t seem to be power/signal strength related, I think there’s just a crap load of wifi interference going on

*cool timing gate thread here:


Nice little flight there :+1:. I’m trying to pluck up the courage to go manual with the Avata in our house when the Mrs is out :scream:.

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Ah, the joys of analog flickering… Its always been especially noticeable with TinyWhoops.

I did much the same back last year when we first returned to the office after lockdown.

I really must take my new HDZero whoops in now and get the much, much cleaner video they send!

It’s fine around my house - I can go into every room with crystal clear analogue signal. At work it was pretty dreadful though, even when only a couple of metres from my goggles, so I assume we’ve got some industrial-strength wifi blasting out across various frequencies.

Tried different channels? 8 I think is away from Wifi

I was on R8. David was flying the Beta64 I think on R4. Admittedly I didn’t try a bunch of other channels, next time I’m there with a bit more time I’ll explore around the frequencies a bit and see what’s what.

Only a thought. But when I used to whoop in a building, I heard and found that running no antennas on the goggles helped a lot with the multipathing. Analogue only though. Worth a try.

I was expecting Mr Anderson to pop out from behind a screen :grin:

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Cheers, I’ll try that. Might be worth experimenting with just one antenna too, and also the diversity/mixing modes that my VRX supports.