Afternoon all from snowy Fife

Joined a few weeks ago now and still learning about and finding my way around the site, picked up on the community from a popular U Tuber and have enjoyed reading a few of the posts to date. Hopefully can make a contribution at some point.
Cheers for now.


Welcome :pray:

Welcome to GADC Jimmy :+1:

Hi @FlyinFife and welcome to GADC.

Thank you👍

Thank you :+1:

fellow Fifer here , up in St Andrews :slight_smile:



Hi Cragdoo, not too far from Glenrothes, used to work there so know it fairly well.

Hi Darren, hope you are managing to get a bit of flying in. Been quiet myself lately but hope to get airborne soon.

Not much weather as been rubbish of late hoping to get out 16th for bit.

welcome to the group fellow Fifer. I’m from Kennoway and a newbie flyer. Lots of very knowledgeable and helpful people in here.


Hi Mark, I agree lots of topics and info, all helps with building up the know how for sure.

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