Air2S Wide Angle Pano distortion when stitching? Help!

Something weird going on here… when stitching the .dng files in Lightroom from a wide angle Pano shoot (3x3 = 9 shots), they end up looking quite fisheyed with a strongly curved horizon. BUT - the throwaway .jpg file the drone stitches and saves automatically looks fine. So, it’s not a lens thing.

This then leads me to think, is it because the Air2S doesn’t have a proper lens correction profile for Lightroom?

I’ve tried Microsoft ICE, but it won’t create a large Pano from .dng files - it shrinks it right down unless you use jpg or tiff.

I see someone on the web asked DJI themselves about this, and they just said make sure there’s little to no wind, clean the lens and use a good quality memory card and other completely useless responses :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Interestingly, the 21 shot Pano doesn’t distort noticeably, but it’s a lot of files to deal with…

So - does anyone have a workflow for .dng that produces near enough geometrically correct ‘Wide angle’ 3x3 9 shot Panos from the Air2S?

My Mini2 wide angle panos stitch fine and don’t distort :thinking:

Cheers - Rob.

Well it looks like everyone is happy with completely distorted Air 2S wide angle pano’s!

I might use my Mini2 more, which doesn’t suffer this annoying shortcoming.

Cheers - Rob.

Have you tried AGP

Links in this thread

Can you elaborate any on AGP? I’m getting Aerospace Growth Partnership, Aerosol Generating Procedures, Accelerated Graphics Port… and more!

Does it have a full name?

Cheers - Rob.

Auto Giga Pano

It’s all in the thread

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Thanks! I know what I’ll be doing tonight then!

Cheers - Rob

APG my bad :frowning:

I haven’t had any problems stitching in lightroom. I usually use 5 shot AEB and 3 shot wide panos, so 15 shots altogether. Saying that I haven’t used the Air2S since I got the mini 3!