AirData taking on UAV Forecast?

Not sure when AirData launched this, I’ve only just found it:

Looks much like UAV Forecast app:

It also revealed something else too…

That someone else was flying nearby:

Anyway, check it out, see what you think!


Me like, but I am a big fan of Airdata and have been forever.

I’d just like them to build a (decent) app instead having to rely on the web interface.


See what you mean …


Likewise :+1:t2:

I’d just like them to build a decent web interface :blush:


I’d like them to increase the number of flights for free … it would them having 6 accounts for me. :wink:


Where are they getting the nearby pilots from?

Same as Drone Assist, I expect.

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I think they’re basing it on other AirData users.

That one pilot in my screenshot was me shortly before getting back :blush:

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That’s great.

Only downside is that the forecast goes as far as October the second and shows no flying possible in daylight in my location due to wind and / or rain :frowning:

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I had one showing within 50 miles but nothing logged on drone assist.

Couldnt find an option to tell them where your flying.

I think when you’re logged in it knows (BBB, big brother bastards).

I noticed earlier 1 flyer near me, thought it was me then saw an inspire doing some work round the Drax towers.

While we are on Airdata I’ve never noticed the ‘display map’ toggle before (becomes the display overview button)

Good question since not many know about it

I’ve also just seen auto sync, which removes the need to use HD Sync app.!topic/airdata/v4aH4x6Jkjo

How does it?

Litchi has been syncing with AirData for over a year now (again, removing the need for the old HDSync app) :+1:t2:

I’m guessing they’re just pulling it from the uploaded flight logs? :thinking:

Could be…

If anyone wants to email them and ask, please do share their response :+1:t2:

But, most people only update Airdata AFTER the flight?
Several weeks later in my case. :wink:

Forecasts are totally unreliable, in any case. :wink:
Don’t believe the next 24 hours in any of them … after loads of monitoring.

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