Airdata UAV

Hey guys and gals.
I’ve just signed up to Airdata UAV ! It is awesome. Obviously I have the paid prescription, working commercially, but I think it also has a free part. But no more manual logging of flight records, all automatically uploads data once synced on your DJI 4 app. Also it monitors your batteries, and when to service your drone etc. A very usual tool to help you look after your done. Highly recommend it!
Take care and blue skies!

You’ll find many an Airdata user here @BigGUAV :slight_smile:

You’ll also find an exclusive discount code for GADC members which can be used on your renewals :+1:t2:

You just need to get yourself up to Full Member level to gain access to this, and other, exclusive discounts :wink:


Also supports Mini 2 as well now :+1:


That’s awesome. I will definitely try mate thank you. I’m slowly catching up!

Agree - great app - I also went straight for the paid version.

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Agreed very very useful especially if you have more than one drone and several sets of batteries.


Yes. I have a few to deal with. Wish I knew about last year! Lol. Have a great weekend. :+1::blush::airplane::sunglasses:

It’s a very useful application. I thought I was doing okay with my maintenance, but apparently I wasn’t!!!

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Thanks for the heads up on this app. I’ll use the free version until I have attained full membership here and get the discounts for the extra facilities in the app.

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Great heads up. I’ve just grabbed myself an account - looks awesome - now all I need is to get upgraded on here for the discount code :wink:


This will help achieve that : Full Member level

You can always kick off with a free AirData account until then. :+1:

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Finally got round to signing up to Airdata UAV myself, it looks great :+1:

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Been using the Gold version for some time now, invaluable tool that just keeps getting better :+1:


Mini 2 with the Andriod App
Love it… but can you get…on the free version!! to auto-upload, your Pic’s automatic? you know without having to press keys and take out sd cards and things…?

I don’t believe that is possible with the free version and, I could be wrong, probably not possible with the paid version either.

Airdata is all about, well, airdata… where you’ve flown, direction, battery info… telemetry data essentially.

They’re not running a cloud storage facility for photo uploads.



The data is awesome and it’s free. Didnt even realise that photos could be added till I saw someone else’s logs. Thanks @Ned

Only low resolution thumbnails. They’re included in the log file that’s uploaded, they’re not added later.

You can add photos later to a flight, and you get 1GB free storage on the free account (not sure about a paid one)


Ooo-aah! Never saw the adding later bit before. Every day, etc. :+1:


Me neither! Cheers @milkmanchris :+1: