Airport Security Checks - DJI Mavic Mini

Hey everyone.

Not sure if this has been answered anywhere yet, but I couldn’t find the answer. So thought i’d ask here.

I plan to fly throughout Europe next month with the Mavic Mini. Does anyone have a definitive guide on what to do? How to avoid any issues with security checks?

I mainly fly from Heathrow when I go abroad, so want to ensure I can do everything properly from my side.

Please let me know if you have any information.




From recent personal experience you shouldn’t have any issues with regards it being a drone in carry-on hand luggage (assuming that’s the plan).

BUT, check the airlines for their specific advice and then ensure several things:

  • batteries are at least partially charged so as to be able to prove the device works as a drone
  • carry the batteries in battery safe pouch

Other than that, rock on and don’t worry about it though I might add ensure you’ve registered and can show your Op ID.

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Great. Thanks. I will most definitely rock on!

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Put it in the combo bag and carry it as your 2nd piece of hand luggage (ladies handbag).

Saves them going through your whole kit bag (if you take more photo gear etc).

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You really should not fly from Heathrow mate . Causes loads of problems . Shuts down the airport and stuff .


Hi Shane9377.

I don’t think we are talking about flying drones in Heathrow Airport. Of course that would be silly and irresponsible. We are talking about the best way to carry a drone with you on a flight leaving from Heathrow (or any other airport).

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I know . It was a joke .


I was wondering if this would be a problem. Can you legally carry a drone without having registered?

Or like a joke, only smaller ;o)

It only needs to be registered if flown so cant see an issue with that.

Yes, that’s what I was thinking. Just had a brief read of the CAA website.

‘Anyone responsible for a drone or model aircraft must register as an operator’

Am I not responsible for the drone in my possession?

Argos, Royal Mail, DPD all carry drones, in their possession :slight_smile:


I think its implying anyone responsible for a drone that is flown otherwise anyone carrying a drone like couriers, retailers would need to register.

The offence is flying a drone without registration rather than just possession of it.


Thought of the people buying drones as gifts as I was typing my question lol


Never mind .
Sorry if i caused you any harm or distress .

Still waiting on the medics report :wink:

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Just thinking outside the box and planning for all eventualities - who knows what kind of ‘just doing my job’ customs person you might meet…

This is what I’m fearing. I haven’t flown my drone in the UK in the past 8 months, may be longer so haven’t registered yet and don’t think I will any time soon as I’m not planning on flying in the UK soon. I do however have some trips booked abroad where I’d be allowed to fly legally without the need of a registration.

My past experiences going through airport security with a drone have actually been quite good so hopefully it’ll be alright.

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I agree with @TassyWass , my (many) encounters at Airports have been very positive, it’s not Customs who always check anyway, it’s the Airport Security where you are thoroughly checked.
I have to admit my heart rate never even increased when I have been asked what it is.
They are very clued up on the transportation of Drones these days.
Just keep it where it’s handy to get at, I found it easier to just take the drone out and just plonk it in the tray, with all it’s batteries in their Fireproof Bags.
Have not been challenged once in over 5 years.
Just keep cool, calm, unflustered, and you will be fine.