I was in a small boat which you can see as a dot further down the beach.

Landing a drone back in a little drifting inflatable boat at sea can be a fun challenge!


Here’s the drone saying “Wait! You want me to land where?”


Brave little Drone! That inflatable looks like a Tinker?

It’s actually a Gumotex Alfonso, with an electric outboard. A new and fun toy! (Which also fits in the back of my electric car, along with my electric drone :blush:)

Very well done, especially from a boat.

Nice, I live just up the road from there.
I can recommend going a little further South to the Martello Tower, I do a lot of flying there, good place to film and take pictures.

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Ah, I’m jealous! My friends have a dinghy at the Yacht Club… But I discovered that tacking through the moored vessels in the afternoon didn’t leave me any attention spare for flying over there!

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