All Saints Church Wirral

Taken this morning before the rain arrived…


Nice job there Barry.
I couldn’t see the guy in the red jacket. :rofl:

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Nice one Barry glad you got a flight in :+1:

Hi Steve
the guy in the red jacket was keeping out the way …lol


Squeezed a flight in Mark before the rain and Its lashing down now as we speak in Wirral.

Great to see this close shooting :thinking:
I suppose our 50metre rule will kill this sort of flying :weary:
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

If you were doing an inspection job anything less would be no good. The 50 mtr rule I think has to be looked into, as long as no people are within the area I dont see the problem. Obviously I wouldnt endanger anyone.


You can get as close as you wish if you have permission and the subject is in your control.


Agree, with permission this is all OK
The video shows surrounding houses looking to be less than 50metres, but this flight would not be expected to be a threat to them/occupants.
IMHO this is ‘responsible flying’ it just shows how these DroneCode ‘rules’ need clarification.
Do you think we’ll start to see some ‘test cases’ or are the police going to take a sensible view and only get involved in situations were action has been ‘irresponsible’ ??
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

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Its really hard to judge distances from a video. The 50m rule is for privacy.

The rules are pretty clear mate, its 50m from any people or structures outwith your control.

I’d imagine they would only get involved if a complaint is made and they had the resources at that point in time to investigate.

I love the flightpath - up an then back - and the way the music fits in.

Thanks TG

Hi @barryb great job love your work and the music is spot on!