All the people on here that live sooo close (West Mids)


Well … there’s a thing!
After this morning’s forum software update, I don’t get that first screen on mobile … just the second screen if I long-press on the time stamp.
A quick click on the timestamp on my mobile now gives the app sharing screen, where I can still select “Copy to Clipboard” …

First screen still pops up in desktop browser, though.


Thanks gents need to go to Specsavers


I’ll have my van for charging batteries. I’ll also bring a car battery.


Lucky you! Bloody DJI car chargers don’t work just connected to a car battery. They need 13+ volts, so engine running. #SillyDesign


Anyone got an inverter? Or 240v generator?


OK if we have a confirmed date/time and place may i suggest we start a new locked thread in the club meets section with all the deets.


Take it away @Proteous :smiley:


sounds good to me was just going to give this a bump…


we are in the club meets section?


Having just spoke about this with @sparkman999 I’m thinking of making a weekend out of it, I propose a meet in the midlands mid morning Saturday, stay over in a local Premier/Holiday Inn few beers and meal at night time and more flying Sunday then home on in time for Sunday tea (or whatever you guys call the evening meal).

This gives people who can only make Saturday/Sunday the opportunity to come for a day.

Just need to think about dates and firm location, over to you @Proteous, me and Jeff (@sparkman999) are here to help with anything you might need.


except money :wink:


I have 2 kids a dog and a gadget habit to feed, I can probably stretch to a small beer and maybe a bag of nuts.


Hang on what about all the NUTS that will be coming…


Can we confirm the field for 2 days then?


go for it


I have some spirits :wine_glass: I can provide to the nice man for his troubles


Yes, although they will be available from Friday for those wishing to camp.

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Where would you like the split to start?

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