All the people on here that live sooo close (West Mids)


All the people on here that live sooo close… Its a shame there are not more meet ups…

Maybe the Admins/club committee should consider an Annual Grey Arrows meet up.

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And where in the Country would you suggest Jay?.
(Several Members met last year at a Drone Show in Birmingham)


Anywhere. I dont care. Make a weekend of it, the bike community do it. The midlands is central to everyone, but the coast allows for better flight opportunities i.e. a beach… Otherwise im sure it would be easy to find a farmer that would lend a field for a day or two… Hey, its just a thought. Doesnt have to cost a fortune, but just charge a small ticket fee to cover expenses…

Just something to chew on… maybe i should put this in the meetups section instead… (admins please feel free to move it.)


I would be up for a meet just about anywhere to Jay!,
I would have gone last year to meet up with the guys, but, work got in the way.
I would love to do a 2 day job , to include some flying somewhere.
I would be prepared for a guesthouse stop over and like you make it a “Boys Weekend”
would be great to meet all the guys on here, or, several anyway.
Simple !, i would


Please feel free to organise one in your area :smiley:

It’d only rain if we did :roll_eyes:

And we’d never get a venue that would suit everyone.

And, and, and…

And this is why we leave it to you to organise your own regional meetups :smiley:


Just need a suitable boozer , miles from anywhere, that does accommodation, reasonable meals, and is surrounded by miles of nothing, with glorious views?
Anyone any ideas?.


Theres the station cottage at ribblehead viaduct (sleeps6) :slight_smile:


pub nearby?


Might be able to arrange a rugby field in leamington spa at cost. There is a bar, but no hotel. So its bring your tent! Pretty remote. On a flight path to BHX, but not in a NFZ.


THE BARREL INN,a pub,guest house absolutely in the middle of nowhere,well actually,in the middle of nowhere in Derbyshire…:+1::+1:


looks a nice spot !


Looks like we are half way there… July? June maybe?


Looks perfect, happy to make one in.


May is better for me, as i am going cruising in june/july


I have the use of 3 large fields right next door to Rockingham speedway, we could include a race day depending on the ticket prices.
Flying of everything that you’ve got i.e FPV race quads, FPV fixed wing, helicopters, RC cars, submarines “ yes submarines “ there’s a wee lake at one end of the field.
There are two hotels within five minutes drive or camping and if it’s a hot day I could try and get my ice cream man to pop in. There is an Asda super market and McDonald’s four minutes away.
If camping there’s a free range toilet in the dense woods…:poop: or a carrier bag…:crossed_fingers:

Speedway filmed from the closest field.


I know West Midlands fpv Bashers arrange regular meets all through summer. Usually on Sunday’s…


Well, I for one, will not be flying around where FPV racers are.
Having said that, the venue looks good.


3 large fields one dedicated to racing there other 2 for whatever.


I’d be happy with that arrangement.
Personally I am for The Barrel Inn


No issues we are in the clear,

No restrictions, also could do a NOTAM anyway.