All the people on here that live sooo close (West Mids)


ere’ stop messing about !!


I’m suprised @sparkman999 hasn’t given it the dirty baa-stards yet ;o)


It was a bad day Rich
In fact you could say it was a bastard of a day…


Really need to get my racer built before then. You sure the pond can’t take a small rc boat?


Have you chosen a frame yet?


No. But I want 4mm arms I reckon.


17th 18th 19th then?


So far only 5 have voted, if you’d like to be part of this meet-up in May, please scroll back up this thread and vote. Please also read through the post to have an idea of some of the activities that have been suggested.


Fast click to it


Admins, can it be pinned to the top or bottom?


theres 10 votes looks busier for saturday


No, sorry Karl. If we pin this meet up we’ll have to pin them all :blush:

Active topics will organically rise to the top of the category anyway :+1:t2:


Ahh. I meant the poll part. Pinned to the top of this thread.


D’oh :man_facepalming:


The pond can take a small fast RC boat :speedboat:


Ok we have twelve peeps that have voted
5 for any 5 for Saturday and 2 for Sunday
Don’t know how to link to the vote post it’s 27 I think


Here you go Dad


Thanks son
How did you do it? Answers are nice too😁


Jeff, there should be a little chain (link) icon below each post, it may be hidden behind the three dots depending on your view:

When you click on that chain icon, it will reveal a URL, which is a link directly to that post itself.

Copy that link:

It’ll be formatted something like this:

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OR … never hidden, same on mobile or desktop, click on the time-stamp …

On most mobiles, a long press on the link either automatically copies it to the clipboard or, depending on browser, something like this pops up …