Altering the shape of your NATS entry - how?

How can you customise you’re area of operation when submitting your NATS notifications. Adding an area that’s not your basic 500m radius circle.
For example, I saw this non standard entry

Polygon flight reports are available to commercial subscribers only.

More details here:

So it’s a Dronescene created entry? Cool.

No, sorry if the post I linked to was not clear.

Users of commercial software applications (usually mapping related), that command a high commercial licence fee to use, are able to submit irregular shaped flight reports to NATS.

Lesser mortals, like us lot, are not :slight_smile:


Hi, it can be done in AirMap but after sending the proposed flight plan, apart from in Air map I could never find the flight plan anywhere else, I.e. in Altitude angel or Nats… showing people the proposed flight plan… did I miss something, I think Airmap originates from Sweden but shows all UK bits… ta

I noticed that AirMap didn’t update NATS so never explored it’s features further. :man_shrugging:t2: