Altitude Angel changed pre-flight report to Commercial: why?

I’m planning a photo shoot on Wednesday with a friend who has a WWII Jeep on the old perimeter track of a former airfield (now corn fields) near us in Essex. Arranged it with the helpful farmer who owns the land now. I filed a pre-flight report through Dronescene.

Then got a weird email from Altitude Angel saying “Your area of operation is outside the airspace currently served by Guardian” and, when I clicked through to the report, it had “Declared flight type: Commercial” which of course is untrue.

Any idea what this is all about…?

That’s a new one on me Gary @Avianskipdiver !

How quickly after placing the flight report did you receive the email? I’m wondering if it was automated or eyeballed by a human.

Can you tell/show us exactly where it was?

Have you tried deleting the flight report and resubmitting? In case it’s an automated detection gone wrong?


And out of interest, does it still show up on the map as being an airfield? Any restrictions over it?


Just checked one I did yesterday and this has come out the same.

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Common theme (not limited to dronescene either):

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I’ve reported this bug to Altitude Angel.


Hi, I’ve been out all day so just catching up. Ahah: well, I’m glad I noticed it! Strange bug.

I’m wondering why it notified me however that “Your area of operation is outside the airspace currently served by Guardian”. It’s just a field north of Colchester. (The airfield, by the way, was a short-lived wartime one and closed in 1947).

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All part of the same bug I’d imagine.

I’ll let you know if I can find any details :+1:t2:


@Avianskipdiver you’ll be pleased to hear that Altitude Angel have now fixed their bug.


Great news… did they say what the issue was?