Amazons dropped in your backyard

“For these deliveries, the drone will fly to the designated delivery location, descend to the customer’s backyard, and hover at a safe height. It will then safely release the package and rise back up to altitude.”

(I reallly do hope it wasn’t fragile !)

So . . . what items would you really (really, really) want delivered . . . absolutely any other way ?

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Back earlier in my career when I had to do a lot of the grunt work organising workplace events with a large number of guests from partner organisations and suppliers, etc. there was a time the day before an event of 200+ people where we (read, I) realised we were short several supplies that were easily orderable on Amazon but would be cutting it close to get an overnight delivery. I could definitely have used a same day drone delivery for something like that.

Okay, I’ll start the ball rolling . . .

This drone delivery process isn’t a million miles away from what our Amazon delivery driver does, with whatever instructions given, drives to designated site, hovers parcel over backyard fence to a safe height(?), then releases said package to nestle nicely on the concrete floor :joy:.

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a parachute ???

I’d want all the parts for this delivered … Amazon throw in a free drone with your subsequent delivery :wink:


They can drop Amazons in my back yard anytime. :grin:


(They do look a little mardy, mind. :laughing:)

Based on some Amazon deliveries I’ve had ‘dropped’ is literally what will happen.:roll_eyes: