An actual 12 month timelapse project - seasonal variation

Hi all

I have an idea about doing a 12 month project using my M2P. Essentially, I want to film the same route around my local common/village at about 30 mins after sunset, on (or near) the 1st of every month for a year. I would then stitch 12 x 20 second clips together to create a 4 minute video showing (hopefully) the changing of the seasons.

There are a lot of tree’s so this would probably be my primary medium so that I can capture the colours and fullness of the foliage changing, with the onset of winter and spring etc.


  1. Do you think this would work well (it’s not an insignificant understaking)

  2. I want to record a “route” around the village to consistently follow each month. Is Litchi far superior for this kind of activity? I’ve only been using the DJI app thus far…

Here’s an example of the sort of route I’d want to take (scroll to 28 seconds in and you’ll see a nice sweep across the golf course and one of the pubs)


Quite simply - YES!
Set it up on your nice big computer screen - fly it - test it - tweak it on your nice big computer screen - and it will fly it consistently every time.

I had the same idea for doing a winter/spring/summer/autumn video and edit the 4 of them side-by-side for direct comparison. Just not decided where to do it yet.

Not mine but I have though about something similar, very effective and once you have the litchi right there should be nothing to it.




That’s rather effing excellent! :+1:


Just need the right tree, the power lines and road spoil that for me, but you’re right.

Agreed. There was a lone tree in a large field in a photo that @Longstride posted some while back that would be perfect.

Actually - my intended target wasn’t spinning around a tree - but that does make me think there are other things that would suit that treatment.

Recently someone posted a couple of vids down a river somewhere - in Scotland I think - one summer and one winter. It was that which actually seeded the idea in my mind since, although the two were almost in sync, Litchi would enable identical paths and timing for all manoeuvres. Indeed - carefully planned you could have the two sides of the river in two seasons.


My tiny use of Litchi says yes - way superior and designed to do just this sort of thing. But aside from the technical aspects, what is key is the content.

p.s. my wife’s great aunt was a Chorleywood resident for 40yrs until her recent (ish) passing. I was looking out for her house :slight_smile:

Now there’s a thought and a challenge I may even take up …

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Ive been thinking about this for a while now, looks like quite a few of us have. This would be a great four seasons challenge say 1st June 2020 submit a video of all four season in a 30 second movie.

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Unfortunately, such a challenge would exclude nine-months worth of new members (that don’t own a Tardis) from participating. :wink:

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They should have come to the party earlier :joy:


We could do it as a none competitive, not a challenge, unofficial show you 4 season video in a years time showcase :wink::wink:

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Thanks to a little encouragement from Mr Awesome (@OzoneVibe, cheers bud), I splashed out on Litchi this evening and recorded my first two waypoint journeys.

Soooooo much nicer doing it on a pc with a mouse! I definitely touched cloth the first time I pressed ‘play’ but brilliant results. Takes a load of stress out for me… So I’m well up for a long haul challenge :+1:… Perhaps we have to show the end results in person… In a pub somewhere! I owe plenty of beers so far :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Welcome to the world of Litchi! :+1:

It is a bit of a mental leap, handing over “control” - but, it has so many benefits. Not only your initial plans, but smooth flying/pans/tilts … and the ability to fly in a dead straight line (or any other more complicated shapes you come up with) whilst focusing on your quest. All made simple.

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That lone tree in a field was totally my intention for a year long time lapse changing of the seasons. However I fell foul of the lack of litchi support and no DJI mission plans on the Mavic air at the time (since supported).

Well reminded, I’ll go back to that project soon!


Had my first Litchi mission where I (intentionally) let the MP2 fly out of range of the controller. Aside from obviously bricking myself, I was massively impressed with the results. Although I was never really more than 500m away and if I had my glasses (cough cough) it would not have been out of VLOS. When it finished, I walked up around the corner to see it hovering exactly where it should have been… HOWEVER…

On closer examination of the footage, I very nearly totalled the M2P. Got far closer to a tree than I intended :flushed:.

Did manage to capture a fairly nice closing scene that would make a decent entry into week three of the 2019 Mixed Theme Challenge.

Good news is… I now have a method to start capturing footage for my year long project! I’ll start playing with POI’s and sweeping angles to “perfect” the route and views I want but hugely impressed with Litchi…

Am also going to try my £20 VR goggles soon!


I did suggest doing the first one higher than necessary to check it out for hazards. :wink:

All the other waypoints were set to 60m, that one was set to 30… still not sure why tbh!

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Before it uploads you get to see all the WPs and their heights … always do a final check.

Did you get VLM working?

It might have been one you added after the others?