An actual 12 month timelapse project - seasonal variation

Yes thanks - and it looked well clear of any trees but it was sort of hard to see and I guess a lot of the google earth data is out of date? Trees grow I guess :laughing:

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It was hard enough handing over control of my beloved MP to the Hangar 360 app for the first time… and that was still within VLOS.

The first time I handed over control to Litchi for a mission that took me out of controller (and therefore video) range? Hoolllyyyy shit, that was the longest six minutes of my life… ever.

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Only 6? Whimp!

But - when you hear the sound it returning - that’s such a good feeling! :+1:

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Glad it all ended well. :+1:

Were the sensors on had it got closer?

I “think” the sensors were on… You can’t tell from within the App screen but they were certainly on yesterday and I didn’t change that setting since then so assuming yes. I’m going to test before the next mission. Would be curious to know exactly how well they function. On other posts (mountain one for example) they seemed to work brilliantly but people have said that lighting and other factors can cause the sensors to get confused?

Ironically, that’s about exactly as close as I finally wanted to get on that corner. That’s the 6th hole (which I once birdied) and I wanted to fly down it and come up over the trees at the end. But wanted to carefully work down to that height. :man_facepalming:

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I’m having some trouble with Litchi :frowning:

The action to start/stop recording seems flakey. It now always records on the first waypoint but the action to stop recording on the last isn’t happening
The POI’s don’t seem to consistently work. I have been assuming that the camera and gimble pitch should smoothly transition between waypoints if set to POI. (Focus POI). It’s often looking in the wrong place - or should I be using Interpolate? Trying to find some tutorials online in case I am missing something. Will keep playing but thoughts welcome

I don’t believe actions on the final waypoint work - it only ends the mission. Add an additional WP to end the mission.

Adding Pause / Stop Video / Pause … might work.

I always use curved waypoint missions - so no actions anyway.

See this - all explained : Some notes on using Litchi

Well - for video missions.

For stills, where I want to stop, take a pic, move …. then I don’t use curves.

Curves are far better for video … the hesitation at a non curved WP can sometimes be enough to be seen as a twitch in video.

Video is all about being smoooooooooth. Curves are smoooooooth, angles aren’t. :wink:

Memory is cheap. I manually start recording at take-off and manually end when I’m about to land. Standard practice on all video flights - Litchi or manual … then I don’t forget.

Thanks for the quick response… I was only using actions for start/stop on video so I’ll set it to stop recording on the penultimate WP instead. However, what is freaking me out is what I saw on the footage after I retrieved the SD card. The camera/gimbal or the drone itself starts going haywire. No idea what is causing this!! It’s the only point in the 8 minute video(s) where this happens. There is less than 8mph wind. I’m wondering if it’s getting confused over POI’s? Or is the drone being attacked my birds from behind? Interference from somewhere? I’ve just uploaded the video so may take a while before HiRes becomes available

*Hang on - there’s an issue with the video

DM the link to the mission and I’ll take a look.

Here’s the video:

9 seconds in it starts going funky… carries on like that for almost exactly 60 seconds then returns to normal

You’ll need to make the mission public for me to be able to load it.

Can you see it now?


OK - so I’ve worked out this is between WP10 and WP11 - speed is set to cruising speed, which is 32.4kph…. flying sideways in about a WNW direction (camera in about NNE heading) … and it appears the wind is about NW’ly @ probably 15kph.

So - a sideways windspeed of about 47kph.

That’s probably the issue … wind turbulence over the camera/gimbal - probably compounded by catching some prop-wash of the front-left prop, too.

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OK, great… Thanks for the insight. Are gimbals on M2P’s particularly susceptible to side wind speed forces? Before I added the POIs I had the camera at 0 degrees tilt, facing forward, to ensure my flight path was clear. Never had any of these sort of wobbles before. Interesting that the dji app has high wind speed warnings and Litchi does not :roll_eyes:

I’ve heard people mention it on M2Ps and I’ve had it myself on my MP.

If you are out of RC range - it can’t warn you. :wink: That’s why a lot of feedback isn’t handled on Litchi, and why it doesn’t cache video, etc.

If you are out of RC range - it can’t warn you. :wink:

You raise a good point :face_with_hand_over_mouth::rofl:

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Perhaps, when it gets back, it should have a “Guess what happened whilst you were out of range?” report. :stuck_out_tongue:

From forecasts I’m only guessing at 15kph winds in your area … not enough for a warning in itself. It’s only the combination of wind speed, ground speed into wind, and being side on that’s causing the gimbal wobble. So, there might not have been a warning even flying that path with Go4 …. if that had been possible.

Chances are the wind warnings are something the MP still creates in the flight … and might be shown if you upload the flight log to AirData.
I’ve not checked for that on Litchi flights.

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Interesting video seeing the tree throughout the year at differdnt seasons.