An actual 12 month timelapse project - seasonal variation

Hi @Lozzer
Any chance you could let me know a good isolated place to use my M2P in Chorleywood?
I only live about 20/30 minutes away (too close to Heathrow and Northolt airport) and usually need to drive out. Few days ago I found a nice place in Chalfont St Giles

Hi MiMo
What do you like? Water? Fields? Buildings? Where are you based?

Hi Lozzer
I am based in Ruislip and I don’t really have preferences on locations as long as it is quiet.
Where are you based?

I’m in Chorleywood. There are some good fields around the area. I’ll try and get you some coordinates

Apologies if this has been suggested, I did not read all of the replies, but I have a suggestion to “enhance” this idea, but I guess it makes planning a bit more complex.

You could record the videos with the sunset/sunrise, so as the seasons progress the sun goes down and then rises as it becomes spring/summer…could be a really cool effect!


I love this video, so simple and stylish

So having recently got and fallen in love with my DJI Spark I have also dreamt of doing something similar…however I am a Yorkshireman who is tighter than a ducks arse. Help me justify spending £22 on Litchi for IOS, I can’t see the benefit if it’s staring me in the face.

From my perspective it all comes down to how much videoing you want to do.

If you are just happy taking off, pooling around and taking occasional pictures then the £22 is probably not worth it as it doesn’t do anything different than Go4 does. However, when you want to video and you want smooth turns and a specific flight path and repeatable then it comes into its own. Add to that all the worldwide flights that you can download and utilise… etc oh and developing your flights on a big screen PC / laptop rather than a tiny phone is a huge plus.

Having said what I did about just taking pics then I find that these days I also pretty much only use Litchi to do that as well - it is just more intuitive to navigate through and around it.

For the Spark, this is totally incorrect.

Go4 on the Spark has no waypoint functionality (this is the reserve of the M2P/M2Z)

Litchi will take the Spark back to the exact same location, the exact same height (if you take off from the exact same spot), point the camera in the exact same direction at the exact same pitch … every time.
The resulting images can then be easily aligned into prefect registration for a smooth timelapse.

If this kind of timelapse project is the intention, I’d almost say that Litchi is imperative.

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Wise words Dave

Fair do’s but you did cut the important part of the bit you quoted… I essentially said “IF you’re only taking pictures then it doesn’t doing anything above and beyond” - and by that I meant random imagery not ones from the same spot or same start spot.

Apologies to original questioner if I misguided.

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For a timelapse - the basis of the question - it would assume from the same spot.

One frame at a time from totally unrelated spots is called “a blurrrrrrrrrr”. LOL! :wink:

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