An actual 12 month timelapse project - seasonal variation

Hi @Lozzer
Any chance you could let me know a good isolated place to use my M2P in Chorleywood?
I only live about 20/30 minutes away (too close to Heathrow and Northolt airport) and usually need to drive out. Few days ago I found a nice place in Chalfont St Giles

Hi MiMo
What do you like? Water? Fields? Buildings? Where are you based?

Hi Lozzer
I am based in Ruislip and I don’t really have preferences on locations as long as it is quiet.
Where are you based?

I’m in Chorleywood. There are some good fields around the area. I’ll try and get you some coordinates

Apologies if this has been suggested, I did not read all of the replies, but I have a suggestion to “enhance” this idea, but I guess it makes planning a bit more complex.

You could record the videos with the sunset/sunrise, so as the seasons progress the sun goes down and then rises as it becomes spring/summer…could be a really cool effect!