An introduction. albeit it a bit late

Hi everyone. Newish user from Hook in Hampshire here.

I bought my first drone DJI Mavic Mini back in 2020, though as you can imagine I never got much flying in that year. In February of 2021, I sold it and got the Mini 2 and that certainly got more time in the air, though not as much as maybe it should have. Not once did I crash it, not got a single mark on it, never even had to replace any props, but today, after months of struggling with the thought of getting rid of it, I have finally put it up for sale… Never imagined I would ever have to do that, unless of course to upgrade to the Mini 3 or maybe even go larger one day… But with life kicking me in the teeth, over and over again this year, I simply have no choice. I need the money plain and simple.

Whether I will ever get another drone someday, is another question, but for now, I need all the money I can get, simply to survive. It’s been fun while it lasted, shame the pandemic had to spoil most of the time I had to practice and get out there, but what time I did get in the air was a whole lot of fun and while I don’t have anything to post and share with he world at large, I do have videos and photos to look back on.

I will still be hanging out here now and again when I get the chance, unless of course my internet gets cut off… Need to find a place to live and a job…, One or the other is hard enough, with little money to play with, but both at the same time and 6 years away from my state pension, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, especially with things as they are right now. If only it was 1964 or at least, if only the prices were the same as they were in 1964. Could have bought the old house Mum and Dad bought, when I was 4 years old for only £84,000 back then. It is now worth over £750,000. Out in the country, in a small village, huge garden, 4 bedrooms. Certainly no shortage of work either and £40-50 could feed a family of 5 plus two dogs and the occasional visitors at weekends, for a week, no problem… An average family of five, living down here at least, can spend £200 - £300 (or more) a week on food alone, every week… Although with prices going up as they are now, I am sure a lot of them are cutting back quite a bit.

Anyway, it’s been a pleasure visiting here every now and again and like I say, I’ll be popping by every now and again, checking out the videos, photos and keeping up with what’s happening in the world of drones and who knows, one day if I get lucky, I’ll be taking to the skies again and I promise I’ll get some videos to share if I do.

Stay and fly safe


I hope things pick up soon for you. Keep plugging away at it.

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Good luck to you Andy.

Good Luck Andy.
Hope things pick up for you soon.

Just a thought: have you considered trying to monetise your drone flying ?

Possibly by posting interesting videos on Youtube, or maybe “Drone for Hire”, taking aerial shots and videos for estate agents, surveyors, civil engineers ?
(And I’m sure people here can suggest a whole lot more.)

Think positive Andy, keep chipping away.
Persistence pays!
Good luck, and let us know how you get on.
All the best!!!

Hope things get better for you Andy. :+1: :+1:

Hi Andy
You are in a bad place just now but we are great survivors. You sometimes need to think outside the box. Using your drone you can take shots of property nearby and offer say a simple framed picture at low cost. I know it would be a success as people just can’t resist such a pic!
I did parcel delivery when unemployed and it paid well. Good luck. Mel

@Andy601960 keep positive mate, I know it’s difficult, and yes I really do. A lot of us have been through some pretty hard times, financially, physically or mentally. If you ever need someone just to chat to there are plenty among us here, me included. It wont fix your problems, but it might help you get through them a little easier. My DM is always open

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