An unfortunate end to a great day! X Class Chasing!

Watch large, in 4k!, and with sound!

And no I didn’t follow the downed drone into the ground… Honest guv… A sympathy crash? I’ll let you decide!


ooooops down down down aaaaaaahahhh twisting twisting gone

Great edit with he music.

Was caused the X class to fail ?

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Who knows… I asked him to roll as he hadn’t done any. He did one roll… Then spun. Right place right time. Though I really shouldn’t have followed him into the ground lol. Might do a short edit of just the crash

He got the raw video from my drone. Looks like 2 motors/escs went, not he won’t have tested bits yet.

Least I got to fly it a few months ago when was in one piece.

Also said he disarmed and armed on way down!!! Madman

Classic desync.

He throttled up. Then down to zero. A motor stalled then failed to start up. This causes the fc to keep pumping power into all the motors and it goes into a spin.

Most likely caused because of the old racerstar motors on it. I used to have the same problem on my 5" with old racerstar motors. I swapped for new iflight xing2s and it never desynced again.


Yeah we did wonder desync. The damage doesn’t look too bad (couple of props and scree the motors back on. Frames in tact). Quite a height to fall from with something so large and heavy.

It’s a lovely quad though

Yeah, I saw the pics. Looked fine to me.

New motors might be a bit expensive though.

Yeah… He loves it though. So beautiful in the air

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Tell you what though, flying your favourite quad as close as you dare to a 13inch monster quad is a little… eeek, got closer and closer towards the end of 2nd flight.

Also Davinci, OMG… I think it used like 250GB+ temporary files (render cache I presume) to make that video… 6GB final out, about 28GB input data… I used the proxy lite thing for first time, and was a better editing experience speed wise, but I kept running out of HDD and having to move stuff to cloud… 5 hours of editing and faffing later for a < 4 min video, haha.

Yup. You need to clear that cache directory after you’ve finished. Maybe have a whole hdd just for the files.

Yeah am thinking that. it’s a laptop with only USB C. I guess can get a nice USB 3 1TB SSD for it. Funny how davinci just throws an error but doesn’t say “out of space”, check C: drive and states (0 bytes free). I did forget to clear from the 2 stevie videos of last week, but even when I did it was about 260GB cache files for this video, just checked and cleared now


:face_with_peeking_eye: Oooff. That did go down with a solid thump… nice save at the end there. :grinning:

Wasn’t a save… I crashed too, lol! Note to everyone… don’t follow the thing you’re following down!

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In fighter pilot terms they used to call it ‘target fixation’ if I remember correctly :rofl: