An update on South Africa

Hi all,

It’s a couple of years now since we were last in South Africa, and since I posted after our last trip

We were back there in November, and I spent a while agonising over whether to take the MP.

In the end I decided not to, and that turned out to be a good decision.

The bulk of the trip was to the Kruger, so like all SANParks National Parks flying there is banned.

We did have some sightseeing days around the Graskop area to the west of Kruger at the start of the trip, and I had thought that would be an ideal place to fly - good views off the escarpment and at well-known points like God’s Window and the Three Rondavaals. Now, it’s about 16 years since we were in that area, and boy has it changed! Back then there really was no development, you just pulled off the road, walked to see the stunning view, and that was it. Now there are car parks, attendants, parking charges, retail opportunities and lots and lots of “NO DRONES” signs - and lots and lots of people (and November is low tourist season).

After Kruger we were down to Cape Town. The main places you want to go, like Cape Point, Boulders Beach (penguins), Table Mountain (and the surroundings) are all SANParks - so drones are banned. Which doesn’t leave a lot. It’s possible the privately-owned vineyards would be amenable, but I didn’t ask. Somebody was flying a drone on the top of Lions Head at sunrise, but apparently SANParks do send rangers up at random times, so I guess you decide whether to take the risk or not.

So, in short, unless you’re gong to be staying on private reserves, and will be away from main tourist areas, it’s probably not going to be worth the hassle of carrying your drone.

Which is a shame - it’s such a beautiful country, and would be so from the air as well.


Great to see you’re still around Colin @Renni-Aire :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update!

That’s brings back memories I loved the Kruger did you go to pilgrims rest, I lived in Joberg for 2 years and went all over the north good pics

We spent many months in Zambia/Zimbabwe over the last decade (wifes work) and in privately owned land with much wildlife… I often had use of a quad bike and on my god I wish I could go back now even more so now I have a drone… That would be amazing!

Yes, Pilgrims Rest hasn’t changed at least - and Alanglade is also still the same. We were the only visitors to Alanglade - for everybody else it’s the old mine managers house, now a sort of NT museum

I enjoyed my time in SA but fell in love with all the seasons again even more so when I came home.