Anatomy of DJI Drone ID Implementation (re: AeroScope)

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Turns out this isn’t as common knowledge as I thought, so here’s a thread to give you some insight in to what your DJI drone is currently broadcasting for the world to see.

Further to this 2017 press release about AeroScope: DJI Demonstrates ‘Drone License Plate’ Technology And Drone Pilot Knowledge Quiz

Here’s how your DJI firmware has been broadcasting your take off location, RTH location, current speed, altitude and all sorts of other information to anyone who’s been listening, for the last two years or more.

It’s a hefty read, but a serious eye opener if you had no clue that any of this was going on inside your drone:

Anatomy-of-DJI-Drone-ID-Implementation.pdf (1.7 MB)

And the code to allow you to spoof DJI Drone IDs has been in the public domain for as many years too, courtesy of @jan2642 :


What version of the firmware was this introduced @PingSpike?

Would like to know the same. I’m on a very early modded FW. Hopefully this was implemented after.

I remember people using an app called Floater which could change your gps location to the US and enable people to use FCC mode. Wonder if that will work to hide your location?

It wouldn’t hide the RTH location … and I’m not sure of the consequences (in app/drone behaviour terms) if they thought the operator was (say) 10km away.
Might be worth a test.

Of course - it won’t change the RTH that’s being transmitted.

One could immediately change the RTH to “where you are” … but then all the battery warnings to achieve RTH would go into meltdown.


On the Mavic Pro, from v01.03.0800 onwards.

I enquired just last week:

That’s me safe then (on this at least)

Hmmm - so the version with Panos is v01.04.xxxx onwards.

I must check out Litchi panos again … :wink:

Here’s what the average DJI drone is currently broadcasting:

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Thanks, very useful.

Any info on settings to temporarily prevent broadcast of some of the data, and results when they are used?

It’s under Remote Identification in the GO4 and GO5 apps:

Old GO4 screenshot so the specifics may be different, but you’ll get the idea.

This won’t prevent AeroScope reading you though.

I’m also guessing DJI will force-enable this setting, or remove it completely (ie. forced on), in the future.

The only truly safe way is custom firmware.

Or a non-DJI drone :wink:

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At the moment, what part of the custom FW disables the broadcast? Is it something you have to specifically disable?

I’m on one of the first CFWs that Digdat0 did a video on.