And now for something sunnier!

And for those feeling a little gloomy with the weather (here in the south anyway) this was taken yesterday afternoon at Hayling Island - I can’t believe how quickly the weather turned!


It’s all down to personal preference, but I quite like to use the settings panel to …

  • allow full screen button (even though you don’t get full-screen here, it does take you to Kuula where you can see full screen),

  • enable zoom control - which allows a mouse wheel to zoom in/out on here

  • add Auto Rote - looks cool when people see there’s more than just in the window

  • enable gyroscope mode on mobile - because it’s really cool when it pans/tilts as you rotate your phone

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I will have a look Dave, I am just starting to use Kuula so appreciate the help :+1:

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Been looking at Kuula again and I cannot seem to find the settings you mention

I am using Safari from Mac

The settings I have are shown in the screen captures below


@BrianB, you enable those settings while sharing and they are in the embed code.

On one of your existing images you have already saved, go to share, then embed and it should give you those options.

On my browser you click the 3 dots on bottom right of thumbnail to bring up the share option.

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thanks Callum :+1:

Yup. As @callum mentioned, those options appear on the right after clicking on the share button.

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