Anglesey Today 5/7

Well up at 3 this morning did not make sunrise as motorway was shut but got these


Wow - amazing pics - super sharp! I wonder how long it takes for the sea to come in here? On my list of things to do is to try and capture a Hyperlapse of the tide coming in… it would look great there with the boats “coming back to life”.

Hi @Lozzer yeh I’m still here so may go over the other side ie the End not had much luck with hyperlapse as yet would I have to keep flying same route a few times as it comes in ?

Just as the tide started coming in pic from end of inlet


So nice!

Thanks @Lozzer I’m only just scratching the surface in photography and video all the gear no idea if you know what I mean more good luck than good management

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Love the looooooooooooooong mast shadows in the 3rd pic of your first post! :+1:

These also get you the Golden Hour Flyer Badge. :wink:

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Well thank you kind sir @OzoneVibe your feedback is really appreciated

Really understand about the golden hour now never achieved any as good

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Love the pic of Red wharf bay, had a great fish pie sat outside the Boat house restaurant. Used this pic as wallpaper on my tablet.

Well thank you @Returntohome I was there on Tuesday and was a beautiful day had a full English as I always do when there at the cafe and of course a piece of cake :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: did you get a flight in ?

We were on holiday in a cottage nearby . No flying though.

Very nice photos

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