Anglesey/Ynys Môn

A small selection from Anglesey


Love the picture of South Stack.

I haven’t seen the wreck before though - where is that?

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Luuurve the boat shipwreck pic!

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Great photos, we were there end of Aug for a week, Trearddur Bay.
Back in 2005 I loaded out of Anglesey Aluminium for Spain, needed fuel so looked at my keyfuels book, Beaumaris garage was the nearest, filled up then drove back to Menai, went over the old bridge 44tons, never sweated as much in my life, then drove down through Snowdonia to Birmingham, never ever again lol
Days before Sat Navs :cold_face: :hot_face:

We went to South Stack too, but the no drones warning signs put me off, it is to do with the Puffins and them been scared by the drones I heard

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It’s the Hovringham it was a sand dredger that sank in 1971, all 8 crew onboard were saved.
It’s about 3 miles North North East of Beaumaris in the Menai Strait.

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Coordinates : 53 18 3N, 4 2 6W

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yes, I know where you mean. Not too far from penmon.

Thanks for the info

You can fly at South Stack.
But be aware of RAF Valley aircraft in the area.

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Not correct, you are actually out of the NFZ at South Stack for RAF Valley, but you are within a conversation zone for the RSPB

When I went to the RSPB site there I was told you can fly there when birds are fledged.

FRZ ? Or the stupid NFZ that DJI make up ?