Another Drax Panorama

Quick bike ride out with the youngest before my weekend of nights ;o(

This is taken from the ‘Energy Walk’ that Drax maintain around the perimeter fence, interestingly Hangar has it as a no fly zone but .700 sees to that


Drove past Drax on Thursday morning on the way to work (my usual M62 exit was closed so carried on further than normal) and thought of you Chris :+1:

There was the most amazing sunrise, the sun was like an orange ball of fire in the hazy morning fog, and the fog was hovering really low over all the fields - stuff like that always happens when I don’t have the drone with me!

I was even checking the skies on the off chance you were up there somewhere :smiley:

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Someone really famous (around here) often says “Photos or it didn’t happen.” :stuck_out_tongue:

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LOL! I asked for that. :+1:

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You certainly did

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Touché :smiley:

That was a fair point Dave, pot kettle black and all that, I can’t keep calling people out on it and not expect the very same thing in return :rofl:

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