Another drone win, and another (apparent) epic fail!

After @OzoneVibe’s eariler post, I saw this in the news today:


So they break the record, put on a great show but get slammed as an ‘epic fail’ for not completing two formations? Wow, tough audience.

I know!

Personally, I thought it looked spectacular :smiley:

I’m sure we can get all the members of GADC and all their drones in one place … and beat this feat!
… the fail bit, that is … :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi all,had to lol at this one,family member sent me a link to this on the bbc website,epic fail?as you said this was far from a fail in my opinion!!As for ozonevibe,s idea,think you may be onto something there!:grin:


I know!!

Bloody cheek!