Another Idea

Just a thought. I had a crazy idea that there could be a national drone day.
Does anyone have any insight into this? I know there is an international drone day, but it seems american.
I had a quick search, and they only accept applications from organisations or companies. Maybe I’m looking at the wrong site (the internet is full of em).
Be great if there was a positive spin on things.


Like that idea.

Not very international of them, is it :smiley:

We could latch on to it, it’s supposed to be international after all?

No, It ain’t.

That is very kind of GADC to support this. Cheers. What’s the plan. :grin:


And there it falls by the wayside at the planning stage

Such is life

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Feel free to pick this one up Jeff mate :smiley:

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Bolton international drone show :wink:


The Mini Airshow (originally in Brighton, and the last two years at Popham airfield) is on/ in celebration of International Drone Day. Dom Robinson set that up as the UK chapter of IDD.

The more drone days the better in my opinion!


Maybe international Drone day refers to a certain US President “droning on” day after day!