Another newbie lesson learnt :-)

Despite having done lots of reading, some things have slipped past me.

Having updated the firmware when I first got the MP, I found myself getting a Firmware doesn’t match error on occasions. I updated the firmware again, and didn’t see the message for a number of weeks. When I did I vaguely remembered about an issue with internet access on phones and ignored it.

Saw it again yesterday and decided to sort it out. Of course, what I now realise is that the messages from the GO4 app are a bit terse, and what it really was telling me was that I had 3 batteries and only two had the right code in them!

Now I’ve got to grips with the DJI Assistant 2 and all three batteries are sorted.

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I have hardly read the manual (bad boy that I am.) But I have looked at loads of YouTube and read forum posts.
Just sit down with your laptop, tablet, whatever and browse all on offer. Especially the ones that have problems. There’s a wealth of information out there. But glad you’ve sussed it out.

I think we’ve all been there @JJN :smiley:

You’ll get firmware updates for the remote too :+1: