Any airspace safety apps for flying abroad?

Anyone know of any apps like Altitude Angel / Drone Assist, but for use in Europe ? Drone Assist only cover the U.K. for FZR’s, CTR’s etc. So wanting to take my drone with me when I go on holiday to the continent. :wink:

Does it have to be a native app?

Their web site is multinational:,2.0991903,10.551917444365944

Moved to the Travel forum as I suspect it will help others abroad.

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Ideally looking for an app I can put on my phone. :wink:

This is Altitude Angel’s full app

Any website can be made to look like and behave like an app

Cheers, downloaded and installed. Looks like I won’t be bringing my drone to Tenerife anytime soon. Almost the whole island is a no fly / high risk area. :open_mouth::open_mouth:

They take it quite seriously too, where are you going on the rock, I visit about 3 times a year and have flown a bit ;o)

A better resource for Spain is

Playas Las Americas. I looked on the drones.enaire website and the only bit I could fly was a thin strip down at Los Cristianos. The Guardian app shows that I can’t fly there though. All very confusing.:thinking::thinking:

The heliport is the problem down there

Worth an email to them, they do allow you to fly usually early morning and late afternoon

milkmanchris, do you happen to have their email address ? Coming back out here in a couple of months for 10 days :wink:

Thank you muchly Chris

A quick update, the website no longer has the zoomable maps on it. However enaire have now got an app on the Playstore. Search on Playstore for the Enaire Drone app. :wink::wink:

Or follow this lovely link

Ahh yes, sadly when you click on a red/ pink area, it’s all in Spanish. I only understand a few words of Spanish , like “ Uno cervezas por favor” or “Dos cervezas por favor” ( and I don’t see those words popping up on the restrictions ) :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: