Any drone repairer in SE London


Hello guys.
Maybe similar question was raised already then please divert me in the right direction.
Wanted to know is there any reliable drone repairer in SE London or Kent area. Crashed my MP1 back in August ans as care refresh run out and didn’t had any insurance decided to repair it myself as it needed just new gimbal with vibration plate and fron right and left rear arms, then noticed that middle shell had crack too I decided to do dome upgrade. Ordered new arms (all 4) and body parts from Ebay for MP1 platinum (you know the reason quite motors etc). Want to mention that after crash I started my MP1 and only faults was no video and gimbal . So I thought it going to be easy (sort off). Cutting long story short all worowe t quite well exothat first attempt to start the drone showed no problems except no video at all. Changed video transmission cable on gimbal assembly and all started to work except that video now comes with interference. Apart from video interference everything working fine but then sudden front left vision sensor stopped working, replaced sensors and no changes.So looking for anyone who can suggest something or recommend reliable person.
Some pictures attached.


Nobody specific to recommend in your area … but I think whoever you find will charge a lot!

They tend not to replace parts at the smaller level, because their time to fiddle is more than the cost of a larger part. eg, fault = ribbon cable, remedy = replace whole camera and gimbal. …. etc.

I guess step one is to find someone that will give you a quote, at least.

As for SE London, I know there are a couple in London, one in Chertsey area, and one in Brighton. Never used. Google “Mavic Pro Repair”.

Chances are you’ll end up posting to whoever it is. They all seem to be shy of dropping off and face-to-face. So - on that basis, there was a place (in Northumberland) HIGHLY recommended recently.


So is that platinum arms and motors on a MP body?

I thought the benefits of the platinum was gained mainly by upgraded ESCs.

Does it operate with platinum motors and MP ESCs?

Is the interference all the time or when you start the motors?


Price wise was no much difference so I thought why not.
All works fine and it feels even faster. I have an MP1 white too (bought after the crash), we tried a drag race and platinum parts makes a bit different.
Interference is constant will try to add short clip.EC66C135-4BD4-43F4-B216-33C1CFFF613C.MOV (5.9 MB)


Thanks for that I will drop them a line.
Tried google but all companies I found are working from Mon-Fri and basic hours. Not worth losing money getting day off for this as in worst case I will get myself a new motherboard for this amount ( counting drop off and collection - 2 day off).


Actually just mention from MP i have only batteries and bottom part with visual sensors, other part been replaced with platinum.
Picture me using GoPro on my drone. Looking forward to wrapping it after fault found and problem sorted ( I know it looks silly now ).


These guys are in Bluewater


Looking at their price list, would you say they’re fair?

Anyone used DJI’s out of warranty repair service?


I buggered my gimbal ribbon cable (not by flying - by being too inquisitive!), and replaced myself … but managed to bugger the video cable in the process … so replaced that.
Best quote from UK repair shop (for the initial ribbon cable replacement) was £165. I did it all, and learnt a lot, for £65 including buying a couple of things to make it easier.

For me, it would need to be a massive repair requirement before I didn’t at least try myself … and the cost of having it done for me would better be put towards a new drone.

These people don’t “replace the ribbon cable” … because it’s a fiddly as F!! The bill would be massive. They just replace a module … and hence the cost.