Any Meets in South East planned for 2022

Hi folks, I am by Heathrow Airport, any meets planned in 2022? OK to travel and even camp if needed

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@SirGunner your neck of the woods?

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@DeanoG60 Actually time wise it’s about halfway between me and you guys :laughing:

I would like to get a meet together down this way. Just need to find a decent spot where we can all meet without the risk of people travelling down and getting kicked off. As soon as I find somewhere I will let everyone know :smiley:

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Hey Jed if you don’t mind a drive, there is talk of a weekend meet up at Matlock Bando which will probably involve some camping but that won’t be until the summer when the better weather arrives :+1:t2:

Is there a local flying club down there that would ‘rent’ us their field for a day/weekend?
I’m sure most guys would chip in £20 for the weekend but probably need to get 10-20 attending :thinking:

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Hey Steve not that I have found so far. There are a couple of model aircraft clubs but they are snobby regarding drones/quads. Fixed wing aircraft only :confused:
I will keep looking though :+1:t2:

@SirGunner sounds like a great plan… Beer… Drones… Camping… What could possibly go wrong!

My club allow drones but it is quite a boring location… Hanworth Air Park… I’m thinking more forestry and interesting

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This was the last Big Meet back last July. Have a look through the thread if you have some time (it’s a LONG thread though) lol. Was an awesome weekend!

Bumping this thread, and meetups and camping in the south of England? (once the diabolic heat goes of course…)

You never know until you try, put up a poll tag the @group-southeast see what happens ;o)

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Depending on dates I’m up for a meet n fly :slight_smile: