Any tips for recording great video?

If you could give 2 or 3 (or more) tips to shooting a good video what would they be?

  1. Keep it to under 30 seconds
    – There’s only so many drone videos you can watch

  2. Don’t turn your drone left or right because you just can’t do it smoothly and I’ll get travel sick just watching your video
    – just fly straight please (and use transitions instead)

  3. Music… just don’t :pensive:
    – Your “music” tastes are just that.
    — Yours.


Preferably in 5 second clips.


The shooting of or the editing of?

Shooting. Thanks. Edited the post.

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Record lots. You can edit it afterwards but capture loads

As said before, unless you are very smooth, don’t adjust your shot whilst filming

Watch TV and movies properly. Look at how they do reveal shots, pull backs and so on. Ask yourself how they did it

Practice. Lots.

Learn how to edit well


The tips I think about a lot, but seldom actually manage…

  • Slow and steady (and smooth) - as has been said, resist the tempation to reposition mid-shot.

  • Keep each individual clip short. Just a few seconds. Keep an eye out for it on the tv - usually no more than 5 seconds between transitions.

  • If you want a shot that’s 3 seconds long, film 15 seconds. That way you can pick the 3 you want and you’ll still have enough before and after for a smooth transition.

As I say, I don’t manage these myself. But I shall keep trying :slight_smile:


Oh bugger. 0/3. I’ll get my jacket.


Sorry man, I did try to think of some positives :grimacing:

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I’m ok with the music thing, as long as it fits. For example


Great example. Love this vid. And to test the theory …

  1. Mute audio, play the video, rewind (VHS throwback) …
  2. Unmute audio, Play the video

My vote, 100%, 2 is better :ok_hand:

Equally, Rich has a point. Unless the music compliments the video, it can actually detract from the overall viewers experience. I am sure I am equally guilty of this myself [caveat: nube drone man] :grin:


@Frank always gets good reviews and feedback on his videos. Tagging him in here so he can share some of his knowledge.

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There are exceptions…

(I know, it’s not a drone video… but I did essentially learn to fly a drone by mastering the banshee. Besides, this is (IMHO) still one of the greatest video edits of all time :wink: )

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I think this is a great tip and something we don’t see enough of. I’m lucky if I get to 5 secs when editing, I’ll run the clip and start counting 1,2,3 then I’ve usually cut it by 4 :grinning:

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Part of don’t reposition mid shot, if you are not happy finnish the shot then retake it. Sometimes the the shot you thought you weren’t happy with looks really good in editing.
Also plan what you are going to shoot. 10 minutes planning can save hours of editing.


One I did a few years ago,

A trailer for a longer film. I was driver but unfortunately we had a bloody mini bus restricted to 60mph so we didn’t make it !!

The music sets the pace and style for the video so you can choose a piece of music to edit to before you start filming.

Thank you Rich,

Pretty much everything has been mentioned basically don’t linger on the same subject too long, try to choose the right music for the scene your shooting for instance if it is an old church or Abby on a foggy misty evening use slow spooky sounding music or if it is breath taking scenery don’t use all your best shots at the beginning save some to build up to along with the hi lights part of the music track and change the shots with the beat of the music.

When shooting keep recording all the time because it is surprising how many good shots you get unintentionally.

Don’t just shoot from high altitude get in close when possible.

Don’t over saturate the footage I hate to see grass luminous green and unrealistic.

Short and sweet video is better than long and boring so don’t put footage in just to make it longer. Make the music fit the video.


Mix in some land based shots too!

Make sure you have plenty of batteries and storage and shoot-reshoot-reshoot, you get the idea.

be ready to shoot 5 times more than you wanted. as the others have said short and sweet and SMOOOOOTH.

practice makes perfect