Anyone flown at Scammonden Reservoir?

I’m planning a visit to Scammonden Reservoir, has anyone flown from the Low Platt Lane car park or down below at the edge of the water before? Any no-drones signs around or issues with it being too busy etc?

I pass it on my way to work, it’s been on my hit list for years.

And it’s literally down the road from Boothwood reservoir too, if you’ve got time you could hit both in the space of an hour or two? :thinking:

It gets windy up those mountains though mate, you’ll need the weather gods on your side :grimacing:

I follow the PingSpike hitlist closely, of course :wink:

I’ve flown Booth Wood, but I want to properly check out Scammonden for a possible NW meet-up. May nip down there next Saturday morning, if the weather holds and if nobody else has any direct experience.

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Was down there at end of May this year. Was a weekend, car park was closed off due to Covid19, so parking on Low Platt Lamp was busy, it’s pretty narrow.
Car Park is Yorkshire Water, they have a policy of not allowing take off/landing from their property. But have personally never had any issues at the many reservoirs and dams round here, if I am challenged, I would just pack up and move, but never been challenged yet.
It’s a good spot for a fly round, weekends will be busier with the usual families and dog walkers out and about.
Let me know if you are coming over, will try and make one in.

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Thanks @mickydd, very helpful. I’ll do a recce visit before inviting any others, mainly to see if the car park has reopened.