Places I want to fly

There’s a few places I want to fly / photograph.

I tend to spot them when I’m out on the road at work.

(the photos below are not mine, I just found them on the net to show you where I mean)

Plus, you’ll know these aren’t my photos, mine will be better lol :smiley: :joy:

Some interesting places that are on my list:

My local rugby stadium (not on match day, obviously!)

Thelwall Viaduct:

Scout Moor Wind Farm:

Winter Hill:

Parbold Hill viewpoint:

Scammonden Reservoir:

Booth Wood Reservoir:

Windy Hill / Saddleworth Moor:

Most of these are in the North West…

I’ll shout when heading out if anyone wants to come with :+1:


No pics for me yet - I’m still looking for places to fly my new bird. Anyone in or around North-West Surrey got any recommendations? Cheers.

A number of these on my list of to do flights, Along with Ladybower (of damm busters fame)IMG_1057
Dove Stones

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I’ve flown Windy Hill/ Saddleworth Moor but I didn’t trek too far from the road. I wanna go back and walk deeper into the moors.
@PingSpike have you ever flown haigh hall/woodland park? also I always look at parbold hill when I’ve been to miller and carter but never flown!

Haigh Hall

Saddleworth Moor


Miller and Carter do great steaks don’t they’d :smiley:

I hadn’t even thought of Haigh Hall, it’s only 15mins from me too!

Added to the list :+1:

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There is a very specific spot I want to fly and for a very specific reason too.
For many, many years I’ve had this idea for a very specific photo. Details to follow but what is intereting I think is that the idea came to me many many years ago whilst driving up the M6 on my way home. I spotted something to the side of the road and knew that I wanted a photo.
Now the shot I want was impossible for me to take…it would have needed a helicopter.
So obviously it went into my wish list, never to be acheived.


So trust me when I say that if I manage to get the shot I want, it will be worth the purchase of my Mav just for this alone.

And of course, I will plaster the pic all over here if I get it :smile:


Hmmmm… do we get any clues @Maverick?

Another place, not sure if it’s NFZ’d though, what about the Jodrell Bank telescope?

For those unsure of Jodrell, this pic puts the sheer size of it in to perspective :flushed:

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Thought of a couple more this morning :slight_smile:

Anderton Boat Lift:

Falkirk Wheel (not that I travel that far north very often):

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I’d just love to spend a week in North Wales wandering around and flying the drone there is some lovely scenery around there.

Also the Highlands of Scotland and Loch Ness.

Clues? I can tell you that it’s to do with tranportation LOL

It isn’t a grand thing, more a concept for a composition, that’s all

But if the shot turns out as I hope, it will be getting printed on canvas and hung in my house :slight_smile:

I hate living in the Midlands sometimes.

Not much around here that is picturesque

The one time I go away where there may be something decent to shoot, we get the tail-end of a hurricane to put the dampners on it :frowning:

Drove over the bridge at this place the other day when taking dog to the kennels, so worth a visit in the not too distant future me thinks.

Blithfield Resevoir

Heres a few recent ones from me…

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That castle looks great mate, where is it?

Its Penrhyn Castle, near Colwyn Bay, North Wales.

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From the midlands, you should visit Shropshire, Mid Wales and North Wales. I could spend the rest of my life flying there!

Certainly will be heading out that way soon.

Got a shoot going on in Dovey Valley soon. Plenty around that neck of the woods :slight_smile:

Another place I want to fly is a Solar Farm.

I don’t have a specific one in mind, any will do for now.

Mental note, turn off downward sensors when flying over such places :rofl:

Yeah, their blades are a lot bigger than the Mavic’s! :wink:

Ahh, solar farm, not to be confused with a wind farm :slight_smile:

I’m guessing the reflections off these things would play havoc with the downward vision sensors :open_mouth:

Ah, my bad. Well, at least there’s a nice acreage of expensive solar panels to crash into. :wink: