Anyone had any experience with DJI Care Refresh? First crash today :-(


I’ve just had my first collision with a tree - its taken 2 months :frowning: Fortunately I did get DJI refresh - has anyone had any experience?

I’ve just had a look on the site, and there’s plenty of links to buy it and to check your cover, but not sure how simple it is to actually report an issue and claim. Guessing I’m just looking in the wrong place.

Has anyone else claimed from the UK?

Many thanks

Hi @richard_frewin sorry to hear about your crash :slightly_frowning_face:

Andy @Ktm250 posted some details of his experience here:

And @StevenPSCC did too:

And I’m sure someone else went through it recently too? Was it @ziceman? :thinking:

Hi Rich, thanks a lot. Gutting, but no damage to anyone or anything (other than a few leaves ripped off the tree), so not the end of the world. I’m going to miss my baby drone until I get a replacement though!

Sounds like the insurance should take a couple of weeks, not too bad. Have registered the incident and will give them a call tomorrow to make sure I’ve done everything right.

Sorry to hear about your crash. Hope you end up flying again soon & the only long term damage is a bit of dented pride.

It was 14 days from moment I contacted care refresh, cost £79 as it was my fault!! broke gimble crashing into a tree, scuff marks all over it. brand knew drone and battery was sent.

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I went through the customer support link on DJI website, I got a shipping label 24 hrs after registration of the crash, quote 48 hrs after I shipped the drone, once I accepted the quote & made payment I had a replacement drone 48 hrs after that. I could not fault the customer service of DJI.

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Hi Richard.

Really sorry to hear about your crash… hope it’s all sorted and you’re are back in the air soon…

Thanks all, registered it yesterday, so hopefully will receive the labels anytime now. Sounds like it’s a pretty quick turn around once they receive it, so will be back flying soon enough​:grinning::+1:


Tbh it could be much quicker as you follow tracking and after 2 days you see it signed at reception and seems to sit there for a week then inspection which is another 2days then quote and request payment on receipt of this another 2 days then ever it was email or monitoring via DJI that’s says on way back and 2 days back with you and nothing is fixed it’s a new one.

I received the labels this afternoon, so will get that packaged and sent off tomorrow. Will keep you all posted, but looking promising so far - might be back in the air before October :slight_smile:

Surprised it has to go all the way to Holland, but prepaid UPS, so not complaining!

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