My crashed Mavic and Care refresh

So finally got info regarding my dead Mavic.
This is what DJI have sent me today from thier Care refresh department.
I thought it was £49 for the first damaged replaced craft but seems I am wrong.


Case No:CAS-119059

DJI Care Balance:0.00(GBP)

Quotation Date: 2017/12/8 VAT-NO:Tax included:

Ship To: Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UNITED KINGDOM Zip

Invoice To:Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UNITED KINGDOM Zip Co


No warranty. Liquid damage on AC + battery. Dear customer, you have purchased DJI Care Refresh. If you want to replace your aircraft under DJI Care Refresh, click “Pay”. After the payment is confirmed, DJI will send a replacement aircraft to you. If you want to repair the aircraft, the cost of repair will be € 728.78 (VAT excluded) according to DJI’s damage assessment. Please contact DJI Support and get your repair quotation.



Unit Price(GBP)

Total Nett(GBP)

Mavic Pro Aircraft & Gimbal (Excluding remote controller, Battery, Battery Charger, Propellers, SD Card, and AC Cable). 600.83

Mavic Intelligent Flight Battery ) 70.25



DJI Care deduction:0.00

Sub Total Payment:79.00

VAT(at 21%):

Grand Total Payment. 79.00

Bank Account Info
Bank Name:

ING Bank N.V.
Bank Account:
DJI Europe BV
Swift Code: INGBNL2A
IBAN: NL62 INGB 0006 8044 24

Payment by Paypal: Payment Links

  1. Please make sure the Case No. is included in your Payment Information when completing your transaction. 2. This invoice is valid for a period of 30 days from the date shown on this quotation.
    This is an automated email. Please do not reply to this message. Email sent to this address cannot be answered.
    Address: Bijdorp-Oost 6, 2992LA Barendrecht, The Netherlands VAT No.: NL854549249B01
    Best Regards,
    DJI Support

Definitely £79 for the first replacement and £129 for the second:

I think the spark is £49

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Your Spot On There @Jcborden £79.00 for the First and £129 for the Second For The Mavic Pro

I think the spark is £49

After the payment is confirmed, DJI will send a replacement aircraft to you

Not Bad for £79.00 as that Price Includes Shipping

Yep me being thick, at least its on it way now…

It will be worth every Penny @Ktm250 Once its home.


Whhhaaaaattttt :open_mouth:

What’s that all about Andy?!???

Bottom line though, it’s cost you £79 quid all in for a replacement Mavic.

Have I read that right @Ktm250 mate?

Evening, I nearly had a coranary when I read 728.78, thank god for care refresh £79 and a nice new Mavic will be with me tomorrow…

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Great news Andy! So what’s the turnaround time like? A couple of weeks all in?

ye 10 / 14 days

They need to up the yaw axis sensitivity …

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A few images that DJI provide to show the extent of the damage…

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Good evening, at last a new Mavic has arrived from Care refresh, I was quite surprised that they sent the new bird and original controller back in the same box and not very well packed at that either, they have put no paperwork in regarding the exchange, no mention of wether the new Mavic needs pairing with the original controller…
So now I have a question how do I go about updating my care refresh details because as I understand it its based on the bird SN number so will I have to change this over to the replacement or will DJI do this automatically ???
I think all the latest updates will need loading ???
And also I want to put a skin on the new Mavic because it proved invaluable for me recovering the old bird from out of that freezing water, so could I have so recommendations for good quality skin suppliers.

Hopefully it will be easier than the same conundrum on the screen/extended warranty for my phone. Initially they argued that “it wasn’t the same phone”. I then had to walk them through the logic that the insurance was for screen replacement. If THEY chose to replace phone (IMEI No) rather than just screen … that’s THEIR problem.
We’re at 3 months and counting on this one!
DJI can’t be that bad!!! … can they? :wink:

Hi guys I have been checking the new bird and yes it needed pairing so I have done that, but I have 2 x issues when the new Mavic gets booted up and as per normal the gimbal does its little dance BUT this on does it with a almighty clatter, not a nice sound at all… So what to do ?
The 2nd issue is that due to the time period the batteries have been stood Un used they have discharged them selves, my first thoughts are great they will be fine but O no one of them will not charge now it just sits on the charger with one green light flashing about every 30 seconds or so, Geeeezz I am get sick of this now, What do you think I should do ? are they covered under the care refresh or am I going to have to buy a replacement…:persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere:

Yes, you will mate - check out this post.

Decalgirl or Drone Wrap Japan :+1:

What do you man by a skin for the Mavic? Does it protect it from when it enters the water ir keep it afloat? Is this an essential that i should get?

Thanks Ping I will get on it tomorrow…
Chrissyb the skin is purley decorative really, mine was a bright red so when flying it helped seeing it at distance and when it crashed into the river the water was about 3 ft deep and coloured brown because of the moorland peat, but as I waded through the water looking for it I just saw this red shape in the murk and low and behold it was my Mavic, if it was left the standard colour I dont think I would have found it…

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Check out this thread mate! Have you wrapped your bird? :+1:

Thanks. Just ordering from Dronewrapz now. Im going for tne fluoro option for visibility on practical grounds, as much as i would like to go for tbe cool effect of sometning else.
I still need to get tbis insurance sorted though, as im in Lanzarote over Christmas. Will opt for DJI Care unless anyone else comes up with better suggestion.

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More visibility the better after my experience, also DJI care refresh it does what it says on the can…

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