Anyone have footage from Weavers Triangle, Burnley to Manchester?

Hi I am a film maker based in Burnley and who is new to drones and don’t own one. I am making a film about the weavers triangle and wondered if anyone has any aerial footage they would like to share that could go in the film. The area of the Weavers Triangle down to Burnley centre, the Mitre, Manchester Road.
Please get in touch if you can help and full credit will be given to the source.

many thanks

Hi @Mike1 and welcome to Grey Arrows :+1:t2:

I’m tagging @StevenPSCC in to this thread as I know he’s done a fair bit of flying in and around the Manchester area :slight_smile:

Also tagging in Howard @hipplew as he’s in Burnley.

Another thought @Mike1

We’ve quite a few PfCO operators here if you’d like to commission one to obtain specific shots or footage for you? :thinking:

We have a list of PfCO Verified members:



I need some 4K aerial footage flying over the old Empire Theatre in Burnley on Cow lane in the town centre. Would that be possible?


Hi Mike,

Im Howard, and I live just out of Burnley on the Leeds & Liverpool canal

What type of shots are you after ? Filming around the Miter area would be more do-able than around the Warf area with it being more built up and the Manchester road bridge.
I don’t have any footage of that area and I would suggest that any filming would need to be done early morning.
We would also need to look at permissions to fly in that area
Burnley Council
Weavers Triangle
CRT etc.
As for the old Empire again it would need to be early morning and again we would need to seek permissions etc. (though I would love to fly inside there to get footage of the architecture.)
I do have insurance and able to do full risk assessments though I DO NOT HAVE my PfCO however I have also done some contributions for English heritage and Oxford university Hill Forts & Monuments survey.
If I can help you out I will
send me an email with your contact details and we can take it from there.
I have a MP2 and Air so should be able to match film specs with other footage as well.