Anyone lost an M4P drone near Bolton?

Someone lost a mini 4 pro already?

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Is there an ID number on it? (As per the requirements !) If so contact the CAA, some also put a file on the SD card with details on? Failing that, when I found a M3P I eventually tracked down the owner by contacting DJI through FB initially, they eventually contacted the owner who was happy to get back his stolen M3P.

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Owners can report a flyaway, via the controller/web site.

No idea. I didn’t find it. Just reposted the FB on the off chance that it was somebody here.

Did it get returned to owner?

Looks like the person who found it has returned it to DJI - I think, reading between the lines, because it had already been replaced as a fly-away. No OP ID on it…

Just curious, how did we know it was a flyaway. If they located it to remove the OP ID then it would not be a flyway lol. Am I being daft here lol.

Anyway let’s hope it finds it’s owner or it is sorted. Must have been gutted losing it after having it a short time.

The person who found it went to quite a lot of trouble to try to find the owner. In the end she used the serial number to contact DJI and return it to them, at their request.

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That was good of them. Nice to know that people will at least try. Well done that person.

It may have had an Op ID Russ, but I’m guessing the owner/user didn’t display it on the drone. :thinking: If the power was depleted before it was located they wouldn’t be able to find it either.