Found mini 3 pro

I guess you could give caa your info and they would pass it on with your concent

Yes as there’s a CAA website for lost and found drones but you need the ID to report it🤷‍♂️

Is there a CAA website for lost and found drones?
I have been searching the CAA website, and all I can find is a link to a "Drones Reunited’ web site, and a random check on the drones shown as missing all seem to be from 2020 … and there are none listed as re-united.
I’m not saying you’re wrong, but do want to know what the ‘process’ should be if I lose or find one… or what to advise someone that does :man_shrugging:

As you suggest, it’s here:

Also agreed, it looks very dead.

Post it on here and/or contact the police.

It appears, after I contacted DJI asking them to unbind it as the owner couldn’t be found, they’ve now found them, just waiting for them to get in touch with me.

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Chapeau Mark, what you’ve done is way above and beyond!!! :clap:

Wonder if they wanted to be found not having the O ID on the craft. Well done for all the work and effort you put in locating them. They should be very pleased with you

After my thinly veiled request to DJI to unbind the drone, having taken reasonable attempts to find the owner, lo and behold I received an email from the alleged owner.

"I believe that you reported a drone to DJI which is registered in my name. They have made contact and I assume you have given permission to use your contact details, apologies for sending this mail if that is not the case. Firstly thank you for contacting the manufacturer about the registration, it is much appreciated. Can I ask how you acquired the drone, was it through a private sale or other means?

Where are you located? How do you want to proceed from here?"

I replied straight away, 24 hours later and no response! It may be me, but it all sounds a bit suspicious! Is it DJI fishing to see if I stole it? Like I say maybe just me :thinking:

If it was me I would be google searching the email address to see what it brings up to help validate who the person is - facebook profiles / linked in etc will give you a better idea of who your dealing with.

Hope its legit.

Thanks for keeping us up to date with this been great seeing how this pans out.

It does sound a bit of a weird response, if it was me i’d just be saying thank you and how do i go about getting it back, and offering a reward or something, but then, there’s a lot of eccentric people out there.

You don’t know what DJI have told them, they may not know you found it. It could have been stolen & dumped, not lost, or they left it behind, went back for it and it had gone because you’d found it in the meantime.

Ask them where they last saw it to check it’s genuine.

I would say DJI have better things to do

For me, it sounds legit as they have contacted you via an Email that they only could have gotten this information from your contact with DJI

Like I say it may just be me! I know if I’d lost or had mine stolen I’d be on my way to collect and thank the finder by now.

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If it was stolen from them, I guess they may be nervous that you were the person that stole it, and maybe you are trying to exploit this in some way.
Lets hope that this is all legit, and you can either reunite the drone with its owner, or get them to unbind it if they dont want it any more :slight_smile:

Will find out tomorrow, been in contact again, is local to me, arranged to meet up tomorrow morning. Might take a bodyguard just in case😅 .
Might mention about operator ID? :thinking:

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One drone successfully reunited with its owner. I found it whilst out walking my dog by my local river, turns out the chap was out testing the water quality, as he has something to do with fishing. Whilst he was doing this someone robbed it from his car!
He did offer to give me something but I declined, was just happy to reunite them. I mentioned about operator ID and also putting a txt file on the SD card, although there wasn’t one in the drone, with name and contact number. He was extremely thankful.
I first reported it to DJI on 15th June, they only contacted him this week, which I found a bit disappointing, anyway all’s well that ends well :+1:


A more than worthy and deserving recipient of the Over and Above Badge.

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Well done Mark, great result returning the drone back to the owner

Congratulations on your new badge, you didn’t have to climb a tree or anything but still a fantastic rescue of a drone that would have been dead

Did you tell the guy about GADC :wink:

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Thanks, and yes I did mention GADC👍

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Well done. Glad it is all sorted, well done on the badge.