Anyone Taken their Drone to Croatia?

I am off to Croatia in 2 weeks for a Holiday, and would love to take my Mavic Air with me !.
Anyone have any advice about taking it there?.
I have heard they are not too keen on us drone flyers !!
I shall be flying from Gatwick Airport, does anyone know of Airport problems with a drone the other end in Croatia, so to speak.
Any help/ advice muchas aprreciado !!

We were looking at Croatia for a holiday and remember looking into it. You already know but the rules are quite strict and you need permission to fly.
Don’t know if you’d have any problems at airport if you can find somewhere quiet to fly off the radar.

Hope someone else can be more help.

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This seems to spell it out. Handy to know as I am going there next year as well.

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Thanks JayForceOne !, Great Info
I will let you know how it goes, I am off there on Sunday for a week.
with My Mavic Air, to Split and Dubrovnek.
Hope to get airborne at every opportunity !.

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Well, getting drone through Gatwick, no problem at all!.
Here I am in Croatia, where?, 1 bloody kilometre across the water from Split Airport, what an arse!.
Wind is horrendous!,clocked it with my meter at 28 kph!, remote is giving me NFZ warnings, without even starting the motors.
But loads of places to fly, if only I could!.
Ah well ,off to Debrovnek later today, probably no chance of flying there!.
But, you never know till you get there, will keep you posted!.
On our way to Mostar, raining like hell!,
Me thinks no droning today?

Sounds far from ideal @chrisjohnbaker !

Gotta keep me chin up pingspike, Hotel in Dubrovnik has even supplied me with my own personal Rooftop Drone port!.
Got and early morning flight in ,just as all the cruise ships were coming/going into port.
Pictures to follow!


All I would say is that, there are loads of open air spaces that you could fly from.
Especially along coast roads where the lay-by are.
I have spotted countless lay-bys and thought that would be a great place to fly, quiet, little traffic( not that they would know what you are doing!)
Even I The Old Town of Dubrovnik, there are secluded places to fly from, I would have done, except I spent 3 friggin hours looking for me damn Wife who had wandered off and got lost among 10,000 people!!!.
Was not a happy chappy when she finally had the sense to ask someone to phone me!.
There is a great spot on the coast road towards the Airport, but not too close to it.
It is beside the main road ,a lay-by with lots of steps leading to a viewpoint.
No one about, you could easily get your drone up with superb views of Dubrovnik Old Town.

Well today got to the top of the cable car at the Old Town Dubrovnik, did I fly?, of course!,
loads of free open area near the cable car station, and what a view!.
In fact me, a Mavic Pro, and a Spark were dodging around,
A radio,Telephone mast 50 yards away, bird never flinched.
Def got the money shot there!!
Well it’s got to be done, despite the risk!


Callum ,I had no problem at either Gatwick or my return flight from Dubrovnik Airport.
My advice get away from the towns, great places all around the coast.
I was based in Trogir ,nearly opposite Split Airport, but got inland ,and had several flights without hindrance.
I carried Mavic Air in my Canon Camera bag, with remote in my hand luggage, works a treat every time I have been abroad.

Just a word of warning on Croatia!.
If you do take a drone there, and video ANYTHING ,do not post it on YouTube, if you do not have Government permission from their CAA, YOU WILL BE HEAVILY FINED !.
Assuming of course, they track you down !