Anyone tracked a dog successfully with activ track?

Thoughts on successfully tracking a dog with activ track? I dog train, an would like to do a vid. Activ track is geared towards cars an humans. Any tricks?

I’d guess that a dog would easily out run the active track function and the drone would lose the subject and just stop and hover.

Not if the dog is controlled, in training. That’s why I ask. I’m not on about a mut that does one at the first sign of freedom. Close control, with the odd command that the dog will be 50m away, taking the focus off me. Cheers

Maybe a skydio could do it.

I think the target size of a dog might be a bit small for a DJI. I guess if you kept the drone low to increase the target size, but then the noise of the drone would most probably spook the pooch.

You might want to look at using Litchi in conjunction with Litchi Leash … if the dog has a harness that’s sufficient to carry a smart phone adequate to run Litchi Leash.


Thanks for the input. I’ve been trying for a few months to get this to work. I’m like a dog with a bone(excuse the pun!). The target size, and colour isn’t a problem, he’s a 9 1/2 stone Cane Corso (Italian mastiff), and he happens to be white! Brilliant contrast against grass, most things tbh. That’s why I had it down as a dead cert that he was trackerble(?). Litchi leash, looks like a good option, I’ve just had a little look at it. I have a spare smartphone, I can probably make some type of holder for.
Are their no hacks to be had that can change the tracking algorithms maybe?

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Have had similar tracking problems myself - without success. I understand the tracking algorithm that DJI use is only tuned to humans, cars, bicycles, motorbikes etc but not animals.
Autel have an algorithm capable of tracking dogs.

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Thanks, Dave,

I didn’t know about Litchi magic leash but do now :grinning:

Cheers everyone, going to have to kind of choreograph the vid a little, I think. Try to make sure for any distant command, I have the drone facing the direction of me, with the dog in the background, if you get me, then I move accordingly left or right, keeping me in the middle of drone and dog. I’ll give Litchi leash a go, but from what I read it only works on older Android devices.
It’s left me wondering why Dji would leave out animals as a tracking subject. :thinking: