Anyone tried these 'Powerextra' non-DJI batteries?

Not sure how long they’ve been around but I’m seeing more and more ‘Powerextra’ batteries on the internet lately.


You can’t knock the price, that’s for sure.

I’m not willing to take the risk though… :blush:


Better to get DJI refurbished I think £50~59 on Amazon or (only 3 month warranty)

I understand DJI can check what battery you were using from the logs, which can affect your MAVIC warranty or DJI Care claims… false economy in my personal view…

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I didn’t even know refurb batteries existed!

Very good point mate…

In which case yes, refurbs are an even better deal :smiley:

I have a powerextra battery for my P4Pro and no problems, seems just as good as the original but with quite a saving , slightly less capacity than original but equates to 3 mins less flying time


Hi guys, anyone used or know of anyone using 3rd party batteries? If so would you recommend?


Moved your post to an existing one on these batteries.

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Thank you, I did do a quick search on 3rd party batteries just not specifically this name. :woozy_face:

Personally, I don’t see the benefit in saving a relatively small amount of money on something that I’d rather not have a reason to go wrong.

Whilst it may not be the same people - there are so many posts about not invalidating warranty/insurance … and then the complete opposite by someone else. Always seems strange to me.

I don’t bother with insurance …. and warranty is long dead … but I wouldn’t use anything other than genuine. That’s me. Kind of middle-ground approach. :wink:

They also make a simultaneous multi battery charger I saw … searching on the name.


I do agree with you, for the saving of 20-30 pounds on the batteries i think I’d rather pay the extra and know my drone is staying in the sky. :crossed_fingers:t4: I hope anyway :grimacing: