Anyone up for a build challenge?

This little project looks awesome! I just haven’t got the bits or the time to give it a go myself as I’ve already got a backlog of projects on the go as it is, I can’t start another one lol

So thought I’d challenge the community instead :grin: :+1:t2:

Let me see your hovercrafts! :grin:

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Meh… Why not :wink: think I got all the bit’s I’d need lol!

Looks a little bit too big for my Prusa Mini…

Plus I have LOADS of other projects on the go!

YouTube feed popped this yesterday, watched it and thinking of getting the grandkids involved 6 and 10 year olds……:yum:

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Started with the hardest and largest bit to print… 6 hours, ergh… Coming along nicely though! Decided to use the cool plate for this one, had some issues with the Textured on large prints, or quite possibly this cacky filament that’s been sitting around for ages!

We shall expect to see it racing with Lee’s RC 4WD Car next time we see you then, shall we?

Heh not sure it’ll work off road. Maybe some 6s 2207 motors instead of the recommended 1407’s :wink:

Should be fine on the shorter fairway grass… and you can safely(ish) fly over water too…

Umm yeah… Ohhh canals locally, lol! I need to check got all the electrics first :wink:

Fairly liquid hand hot water soft sponge, keep your grubby fingers to the edge when handling…:dizzy_face:

Yeah I an aware of my greasy hands and think that’s one of the problems. I have been regularly cleaning them (the prints come off so clean). I’ve read conflicting advice on rubbing alcohol, so haven’t used it, I believe you shoudn’t use it on PEI textured plates…

I’ve only ever used it back in the day when printers were made of wood and built plates were glass or anything that allowed prints to stick…

Oh dear, I feel old now…:flushed:

Might with these, better not show the kids, they’II definitely want them…little rascals….:rofl:

Now to remove all that support.boy what a waste lol

Pretty pleased with that, although what a load of waste support. Hah

I like the Pepsi Max quad lurking in the background :+1:


Rudder done, with yet more waste lol

Get some silicone molds and melt the waste down and make coasters :+1:t2:

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Really need to charge this and get it back in the air. Although that only really ever hovered lol

Cool. All 3d printed parts ready. Now need to dig into drawers and boxes and find out what I have and what I need

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