Anyone use an anemometer?

Do any of you check the wind levels before flying?

I was looking at one of these:

But couldn’t decide if I might just be better off throwing a £10 note in the air and seeing how fast the wind carries it away :smiley:

That’s the model I used when I had my Inspire 1 Pro and, to be honest, hardly ever used it and sold it as part of the Inspire package. It will only measure wind speed at ground level but obviously can’t read the wind speed above ground where the aircraft will be in flight. My motto is - if in doubt, don’t fly.

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I have one, and use it occasionally… I sometimes use UAV forecase to double check before flying, but most often I will just look to see how windy it is/feels before flying.

I’m generally not worried about strongish winds (used to flying racing quads in strong winds) and never go more than around 200-300m keeping VLOS. Good practice to head into the wind first to get a feel for how quickly/slowly you make progress before heading down wind :slight_smile:

I use one of these (take off area) but always check the local weather forecasts for wind speed and direction if your a long range flyer always head into the wind and get the free ride back like its already been said look at your speed and plan your flight path and ditching area’s should your battery run to low ! :sweat_smile:

Yup, sound advice…

Is that any good? Are they not just taking regional ground measurements and multiplying it by ‘something’?

Lol :smiley: Sound advice too, but also sounds like you’ve done this before :rofl:

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All true. I bought one to get through the CAA exam. BCF is so right - it only measures wind speed at the ground. But it’s worth the price for the impression it gives clients when you rock up with it and look as if you know what yer doing! :slight_smile:


PingSpike I’m a long range junkie so planning your flight path wind speed and direction are the most important things to me but your bang on if in doubt don’t fly :grinning:

You learn something new every day…

This actually exists! :rofl:

Amazing :smiley:

The question is… should it? :grinning:

I use UAV Forecast and look at the movement in the tops of the trees… keeps it simple

There’s always the iPhone wind speed app. Measures the sound going across the mike! Accurate to within +10 -10 knots. Hahaha!

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Hi all,

anyone use an Anemometer? If so, which one?


Moved your post over to an existing thread, @leeheyes. :wink:

I have three, two came with different drones I have bought and the other I bought from Amazon.
I very rarely use any of them to be honest.
This is the one I bought which if I do use one this is it.

This one came with my first Inspire which is a lot smaller than the one above.

And this is the other I had in a bundle deal but it needs a new impeller as they are common for going in this model I’ve read.

I dont know about anyone else but I notched the wind warnings down about in my .700 MP, I think you soon get the hang of whats too windy.

Although I have flown in some very windy stuff (nice and open) that I shouldn’t probably have done.

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good afternoon. i don’t whant to put a another app on my phone do any one use one for there drone.

I think quite a few people do - just be careful - a 12 mph SW wind at ground level may well be a 30 mph NW wind at 400 feet …


The reason I don’t own one myself lol useless unless you have 400ft arms :rofl:

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I have the very same item, but check the tree tops (if there are any).

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thank you 1 and all, some good advise.
much appreciate

If they’ve blown off …