Apache low pass - should I have known about it?

Hi guys - so… went out tonight to fly a few packs - picked up a nice away from everything public path entrance and set myself up - was about to plug the quad battery in when I hear a low rumble progressing very slowly. I wait 15s - half expecting some heavy farmer tractor or similar but turns out I had an Apache flying in front of me less than 60 feet high / 100 feet away from me popping out of the tree edge… I packed my things and found another place ‘just in case’ - this time - there was not a tree in sight :wink:
Now… should I have been aware this was happening? Do the military put some notice up when they do those below 400ft flights? Or it is just a case of being vigilant?

I’ve had this before with no prior warning or no notices on drone scene of any flights taking place ( it just happened ) literally a few metres away was caught right off guard,
I was just extra vigilant as you say ( well at least after that ), I thought they put in a notice but does not always seem to be the case :grimacing: being the military ( but I’ve not delved into it tbh ) I guess they can half do what they like, they can get away with it I guess.

Edit : @Cedric heres one of the places where it kept happening mate,

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does not count - thats a Chinook :innocent:

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Ah yea I know …… just meant the military in general :smile:


Reminds me of the time went Chesterfield Bando, had picked up a guy in Crewe, who had got the train from North Wales. 1.5 hour drive over to Chesterfield… Setup… Lovely… 2 VERY low flying jets flew over… under the 400ft, probably higher than I’d fly at a bando, but boy they were quick. Scared me, and kept well under the roof height for the session (not bad for a bando anyways). Was the PCSO turning up on first flight that day too!

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What was the location :thinking:

Just outside Rockingham

Did you check for Notams

Tbh, I did not specifically check before last night - and it does not let you look back in time it seems. You reckon it would have been on there?

Google LFAs (Low Flying Areas), they put up a list of “scheduled” low flying, but the RAF and Army (plus USAF etc) tend to do what we do, if the weather’s fine, go out and fly!
They don’t fly (normally) at weekends, so you’re safe then!

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With the amount of air traffic because of the King’s Birthday etc plus its air show season, there has been massive amounts of Notams posted

There is one over Rockingham now

Use drone Scene it has all the info you need, built by drone flyers for drone flyers


Apache are stealth attack helicopters with the right of way and technology to suppress.

Consider yourself lucky; I would have liked to have been there to see perfection fly.

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