Approaches to Authorities for Permission

What do you think? Can we put our heads together on this serious subject? I have seen the response from an ‘authority Of a Kind’ following a recent request for permission to Fly organise an event

**So how difficult ‘Should it be A lot less than those in authorities make it I shouldn’t wonder in this supposedly tolerant 2020 Society !

  • p.s - I fully understand why Severn Trent Water said what they did (and if I’m honest I would have said the same if I was them)*

So are there any expressions that might ‘win over’ and get a Positive response when writing? Do you work in Local Authority? Can you casually ask your fellow work colleagues ‘What the most persuasive argument you’ve seen when someone Is asking for official permissions’

Some thoughts I had based on a little reading/thinking time as too what expressions we might use in writing (no particular order obviously not all in same letter, by the way Letters these days are considered unusual and can have a better read time than e-mail)

I see mylocal authority has a good track record in regard to being inclusive of minority groups so I’m quietly confident of a positive response from you regarding this request…

I notice you have given permission in the past for a Large local Public Fireworks Display/Outdoor concert to take place and could no doubt / would be considered a potentially dangerous situation if not managed well…

And also involves lots of loud noice for an hour or two (3/4 if concert) which some may consider a nuisance…

Given I want to responsible organise a relatively small gathering with minimal risk to Health Safety or Environment …

Can you assist with this community building attempt to…

If this had reached the wrong department would you kindly redirect it to the relevant one

Do you have any observations to assist me in this matter …

To Win the Battle you must 1st respect and know your opponent & his tactics sure someone famous said that maybe not those exact words but something similar

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Very simple. If asked they have no reason, nor is there any benefit to them, to say anything other than “No!”.

Quick - simple - end of.


I would agree with you if it was an individual or 10 but to have Club Members from all over the country to travel to your arrangement just to be told to beat it this is our land and your not allowed would be disappointing to say the least and just a little reckless don’t you think :thinking:

One person they may consider would go unnoticed, but TEN!! No way. We are then a nuisance that gets a big “No!”.

I find that a very generic statement So let’s just hope others have a more positive view

I used to organise a three day military vehicle show with around 300 exhibitors and 100 traders. I needed to liaise with county, borough and parish councils, emergency services and varoious othe interested parties. The event was annual but required going through all the paperwork each year (and apologising for the misdeeds of the previous year :slight_smile: )

It can be done. The paperwork is effectively an ops manual for the event - or a method statement / H&S statement if you are familiar with those. If it helps I can help.

PS are we getting bogged down with similar topics springing up everywhere or is it my imagination?


As an ex employee of a local authority I would suggest that you write to the leader of the Council and the Chief Executive asking for discussions to take place with the grey arrows and the appropriate departments. This would then have to be acknowledged and followed through as formal council business. prior discussion with the emergency planning team might be usefulSome national considerations should be looked into see the following from the Local Govt Association which represents the Councils
From the workshops I attended about 18 months ago it became clear that the use of drones was feared by the public for privacy and safety reasons. Maybe there is some common ground here for an event.

Additionally most elected members and Council staff know nothing of the current and future legislation. So maybe a show and tell session would help their understanding. Be careful of going down the inclusive route unless you are actually using the drones to be inclusive - that is easily seen through.

My local BMVA group has a site they have a right to use and maintain on a public accessible moorland. Also there are one or two sites elsewhere the aircraft guys have permission to take off and land on Council owned land.

There is more I can say but that is enough for now … I could get boring :blush:


Hi where else are we assisted to write ( Only if needs Must is my stance) to our Local Authorities and some of the persuasive language we might take I must have missed that one or was it buried in …

What we need is a friendly farmer with shit loads of acres, room for a few portaloos and a pub within walking distance.


I agree Chris but that’s probably best suggested on the other Topic Regarding the big GADC big meet ( Note others have expressed a desire for it to be a more interesting venue than just a big muddy field That I would suggest is better for an individual flyer

This is about seeing a need to pit those with skills in letter/e-mail Writing asking for permissions and having had success (wether in Droning or not)

Please give some consideration to the long term benefits

Oh no, don’t do that…

In this context, “inclusive of minority groups” is (rightly) a very real and serious thing. It has legal weight behind it. Just because the majority of the population doesn’t fly drones it does not follow that those of us who do would qualify as a minority group.

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I’m on the organising committee with @notveryprettyboy :wink:

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Well you’ll Know I have the Committee’s and by extension All the rest of us mere mortals (just kidding) best interest at heart

But I set this up away from your Topic so as not to distract from but to add weight to the enthusiasm to do such a thing

Please suggest some better words That’s what this Topic is all about ! Getting the right message across in the right way so as to be Positive and Proactive in our approach

Fist of steel in a kid glove come to mind

Thank you I appreciate your insight I just hope others will take the time to read it I’ve personally book marked this one for future reference

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Thank you this is good stuff if the organisers of the GADC BIG meet run into need of paperwork I’m sure your input will be appreciated

PS - NCIS (On TV) boss man has rules number 1 - 10 whatever

My Rules -

  • don’t give them what they can use against you!
  • Sometimes it’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission
  • Only give them what you have too

You get the idea

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Hi please forgive my ignorance but what does that stand for I don’t mind being embarrassed ‘I’ll take one for the team’

If this could lead to a potentially offer please let the guys on the other Topic regarding a big meet Know they may well want to discuss this via Private Messaging via this site

Sorry got carried away with the acronym should be BMFA British Model Flying Association.

see and

one or two drone private fliers either use the take off strip out of the club hours or set up elsewhere during the clubs permitted times.

Please note I am only using theses as examples of what can be done. by organised groups willing to give and take.

Most hobbyists these days do not belong to formal groups which makes it difficult for Councils to undertake their given task of public safety , open access, recreation etc

Mountain bikers organised themselves in Leeds and helped the Council with codes of practice and actually building great routes through certain woods. This is a group that usually operates separately and meets are organised through social media So having a group to work with actually helped the Council to reduce the complaints about bikes on council land.

I suppose it all depends on how formal you want to be and where you want to fly…

The Mountain bike link for the above post is