Apps and utilities to view drones that broadcast Drone ID and Remote ID data

Not the case - there are now several countries where RID is mandatory (it isnt in the USA yet) and is broadcast. And supported by the firmware.

I was just reading this above, so hope it’s ok to attach this below, when I done some digging about the fcc hack a while ago, I got this reply as follows :

As our hack fakes the location to the USA (not the GPS only the controller thinks that the location of the geocoordinates is in the USA :wink: so the coordinates stay untouched, which makes the hack very safe instead of fakeGPS!).

This is for the rc pro, would this mean if it thinks it’s in the USA it would then transmit the remote ID & become an issue, or have I missed something, just curious ….

That information is from the horse’s mouth (DJI) and all Drones that can transmit RID in the USA are transmitting RID

As for the country you are in (you didn’t say) and Japan I have no information

But if the drone is transmitting its ID then it should be active in the Preflight check as I listed above

But has it been activated, all the latest Drones with the latest Firmware are capable of transmitting but as we know it depends on the Geolocation and if DJI has implemented it yet

Its 100% been implemented in the firmware and has been a legal requirement here for a while.

All im asking is does it send the RID when the drone is on the ground with motors running or does it only begin in flight.

If its the latter, it likely explains why my phone isnt seeing it. If the former, it doesnt.

I answered them :point_up:

Ok so further update.
They’re only transmitting after takeoff, not on the ground with motors running.
Verified it on mine and a random guy flying on the beach (who appears to have not registered it as the fields are blank).

Both detected via WiFi Beacon

I can confirm that is not true as I have been able to active RID in the uk and it is transmitted as soon as the motors are started

I will post more about it later

@gnirtS when are you back in the U/K?

I’ve done 6 flights now and nothing is detected on RID until its actually in the air (and some 15+ minute ground based engine runs)

This is the mini 3 pro with latest firmware/N1 controller, normal and plus battery. Pixel 7 Pro and S5E (running Lineage 20) controllers.

when are you back in the U/K?

Good question. Possibly July, maybe not.

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We will have to beg to differ on that as I have tested it and it started transmission as soon as the props started

DJI State as soon as the motors are started (links above)

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I can see what DJI state but that isn’t what im seeing with either app on mine or another random user i found.

I can leave it motors turning on the ground for as long as i want and nothing appears (5ft away) but taking off and they appear.

New Android app, Air Sentinel. Must be US based, character limit for mobile # is 10, needs 11.

Different to others in that anything the app sees is logged and can be seen on a map by anyone.


Is the Web version of the app.

Will be interesting to see what it can see.

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That’ll cause some nice data protection and other issues in many places then…

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For the other (currently) 11 people that clicked on the link and failed to reach the intended destination :slight_smile: :


Having used it, logged in, a few times to check it out, I got an email saying my account had been activated.

When I try to login now, it says my account has been deleted.

In the spirit of the moment, I returned the favour and deleted the app.

So for the past few years a drone quite often fly’s out the back of my house. In past years I’ve got a better look and pretty certain it was a one of the previous generations of mavic.

There’s a local place of interest out the back so I’m guessing it’s taking a look. To be clear it doesn’t bother me at all, I’m just curious who it is and how far they’re flying to get there.

I’ve tried the drone scanner app but nothing was showing.

Not a very clear picture as it was quite high and I was facing the sun,

Jon moved your post here as its already been discussed about apps to track drones

Why do you want to track that drone?

Pure curiosity, I’m pretty sure it’s the same person as it seems to arrive and leave in a similar direction each time. Just interested to see how far it’s come.